A soccer game without someone to sell pancakes and flip the sausages on the grill? A horticultural club without the chairman who organizes trips to austria and italy?

Everything hardly imaginable. But volunteers are needed for these and many other diverse activities. In recent years, the demands on volunteers have become increasingly high. Increasingly, politicians are imposing rules that are difficult for volunteers to implement.

The new general data protection regulation has recently caused a lot of excitement. "Volunteering has changed so much", says nora lehnerer. She is chairwoman of the mother and family meeting erlangen, herself a volunteer, and discussed on tuesday morning in the district administration office erlangen-hochstadt with representatives from politics. Herzogenaurach’s mayor, german hacker (SPD), also sees social changes as responsible for the fact that fewer and fewer people want to do voluntary work.

Amazon must improve corona protection

According to a court order, amazon should limit itself to orders for food, hygiene and medical products in france.

The online retailer failed to adequately meet its obligations to protect the health and safety of employees in its logistics centers during the coronavirus crisis, the court in the paris suburb of nanterre declared.

Amazon must now conduct a risk assessment at all warehouses and make necessary health and safety inspections.

BG litzendorf’s regional league women’s basketball team got off to a successful start in the new year. Against the second team of TSV nordlingen, the team of coach uwe duckarm managed a razor-thin 60:57 home victory – once again after verlangerung.
The hostesses started very restrained, only twelve points stood after the first play section on the have side. However, the defense was somewhat stable, so that the gap was only five points and we remained within striking distance. The second quarter was a similar, balanced picture (halftime 26:29).
In the second half, an open, very exciting exchange of blows developed, with the guests always slightly in front (38:39 after the third quarter). In the last quarter, the home team managed to build up a small lead thanks to the switch to a full-court press defense. But nordlingen countered promptly and levelled the score at 50:50 shortly before the end. The last attack of the litzendorferinnen ran into the empty and so it hit – as so often in this season – verlangerung.

Ruckspiel already on sunday

Here the "pirates", who have meanwhile been tried and tested in the extra shift, had a good time then once again the longer breath and defeated the never giving up nordlingerinnen at the end narrowly. The girls from dietsv have the opportunity to take revenge next weekend. Due to postponements of the match, the return match in nordlingen is scheduled for 14. January next on the agenda. Cr
BG litzendorf: dorberth (18), vogel (17), duckarm (9), goller (5), malcharczyk (5), ferguson (2), knoblach (2), rockmann (2), kestler

Hanging game over ubersee container ends

The "captain" the waves have smoothed out, the ocean-going container can "dock" in the port of the nearby lute and "dock" in the vicinity of an existing lumberyard. At its meeting on monday evening in the community center, the community council approved the installation of the container with a few conditions. As recently as december, the committee had unanimously voted against the project because of its disastrous appearance at the southern entrance to kirchlauter, which "subsequently caused a great deal of excitement", according to mayor jochen steppert (CSU), he was concerned.

But now steppert was "much more relaxed" and "with a better feeling approach to the subject.
To this end, he first acted as a "windshield wiper", as it gave the overhead projector a spring cleaning to give its board the proper perspective on its plans. Then, in the ice-cold meeting room, he rolled up his already short arms and started to present the results of various discussions.

According to a statement from the office of agriculture and forestry, the applicant had an agricultural business and wanted to use the container to store agricultural equipment. Thus, it is a privileged construction project. "We must accept this as a fact, since the agricultural use is proven", said steppert, who still did not find an overseas container in the middle of the countryside acceptable.

The fire was in the air

That "firekids" or "loschzwerge" try to inject as much water as possible into a pylon with the help of a hand pump, that is the nature of the thing. But why "loschpiraten or "blue light pirates stringing up macaroni with a shish kebab stuck between your teeth, hoisting a sack, kicking tin cans into a paddling pool, juggling balls with a stretcher or a towel – it’s not necessarily about firefighter training: it’s about having fun together, forming a team and a community, solving tasks as a team. All participants between the ages of six and eleven finally received certificates of attendance. The challenge cup for the best points collector went from the baunach children’s fire department to the "bergfuchse" from frankendorf.

Children were not allowed to join the youth fire department until they were twelve years old. Because many children of this age already have their sights set elsewhere, fire departments across the country are trying to get children interested in later service in the field. Fire zeal in the best sense can be awakened, for example, in the joint construction of nesting boxes, in adventure nights at the campfire or in baking bread.

Deputy district administrator georg bogensperger – himself a gold-grun firefighter merit badge holder – praised the children and thanked those responsible for participating in an event that should help ensure that there are enough capable firefighters and rescue workers in the future as well.

The 'luckenbuber

Before simon schiller returns to TSV meeder as head coach after his bali vacation, christian muller has taken over responsibility for the team promoted from the district league. We talked to the interim coach, who likes to take care of the goalkeepers and also the youngsters in the club, about his transitional role in the club.

Hello, mr. Muller, how did you get in touch with the club’s sporting management after stefan noth left the club??
Christian muller: in the end, the players’ council was decisive in consultation with our game director dieter sommer. The latter also approached me after it became clear that we needed a transitional solution for the time of the coach search.

The coach’s debut worked out: 1:0 home win against direct rivals spvgg lettenreuth. Why was the team winless eight days in a row before??
Since I have only been able to watch a few games in the current season, it is not easy for me to make a judgment. But let’s take the away game last week in merkendorf as an example, which I watched. The own chance utilization was fatal, what naturally the whole team increasingly unsettles.
It is clear that when the score is 1:1 and even when the score is 1:2, high-caliber opportunities are missed, it is not possible to build up self-confidence. But this belief in one’s own strength is indispensable for deciding games in one’s favor – especially in such a precarious situation. The fact that order is then lost, and hectic and disorderly attempts are made to turn the game around, is added to the top. My main task will be to improve that.

With the song "so klingt’s aus bohmen" the weisachtalers welcomed their visitors to the second bohemian evening on saturday evening in the hartlebsaal in maroldsweisach. Helmut beck led through the program. Katja meibner and willi hohmann sang "grub gott ihr freunde" to the sounds of the band (conducted by dimitry braudo)." The slow-rock for flugelhorn and trumpet by andy schreck was also performed, with peter seifert impressing as soloist on both instruments. In the following almost 20 pieces of music were performed and the weisachtaler did not escape the applause.

Rough career

The "fox pit polka presenter helmut beck took the opportunity to talk about ernst mosch, who started his career with bohemian folk and brass music in 1956 with this polka, among others. The weisachtaler had a special relationship to ernst mosch and his egerlander musicians, since he had given a guest performance with his egerlanders in maroldsweisach in july 1973. "Ernst mosch has presented bohemian brass music to a wide audience like no other", beck said. So there was also the waltz "pure joie de vivre" by kurt gable, the "sudbohemian polka" and "from friend to friend, before the weisachtaler rehearsal march was played, which, as helmut beck said, was composed by claus ziegler.

Ordered only indirectly by the district administrator

This rehearsal march came about because heidi hofmann from maroldsweisach once heard a district administrator in the allgau region tell kurt gable that he could compose a piece of music for the district. Heidi hofmann, when she moderated the first bohemian evening in 2017, asked if "our district administrator wilhelm schneider could not order a song from claus ziegler, who plays with the weisachtalers." This had caused laughter at the concert in 2017 and wilhelm schneider, who was present, had said: "we have to do something about this"." This in turn prompted claus ziegler to come up with an idea. He composed the "weisachtaler march", without really being ordered by the landrat. "It shouldn’t be that serious, claus ziegler thought, and also that one could take oneself, the weisachtaler, for a ride here", said presenter beck.

Agreement: wolfsburg extends contract with schmadtke

Lower saxony confirmed the german press agency corresponding reports of the "sport bild", the "kicker" and the "sportbuzzer". The 56-year-old has been working as general manager for the lower saxons since 2018, his old contract runs until 2021. "From my side there has been a verbal commitment for another year, from the other side too," schmadtke is quoted by "sportbuzzer". The contract is not yet signed.

"It’s fun to work here. And we are not at the end yet. I like to stay with the vfl, because I want to bring the club forward and implement projects," said schmadtke. The plan is to get together in the winter to decide how to proceed. Half a year before the end of the contract should be decided whether the contract will be extended again. "This is a very good solution for everyone involved," explained the former goalkeeper, who previously played for the 1. FC koln was active.

The wolfsburg team finished seventh in the previous season. This means that the former german champions will first have to compete in the european league qualifiers. On 5. Or 6. August the vfl also plays its ruck match in the eighth final of the 2019/20 european league season against shakhtjor donezk. Should the vfl make up for its 1:2 deficit from the first game, it was to take part in a final-round tournament from 10. August in a final-round tournament in north rhine-westphalia.

Finzel's emotional incendiary speech

Stefan finzel is furious. Enraged, the major sponsor storms onto the pitch and calls his players together. After the 0:3 defeat at the hands of lichtenfels, they wanted to creep into the catacombs with their heads down, as they have done so often in this preliminary round. But ozdemir, bohnlein, engelmann& co. Have reckoned without their "boss made. The financial backer uses clear words to tell his national league players what he thinks of their performance. Finzel even speaks of refusal to work and damage to the reputation of the club and his company.

Incendiary speech bears fruit

It was a remarkable performance with initial recognition, because the incendiary speech fulfilled its purpose – at least in the short term. On the following saturday, the promoted team, which until then had been ten points adrift in last place in the preliminary round of group A of the northwestern league, presented itself as if it had changed. Plotz combined carl, autsch, heidenreich, bergmann& co. Just as the ebersdorf officials had hoped from the start of the season. They hit the mark eight times at SV euerbach. At an opponent, for whom it was all or nothing, i.E. About reaching the promotion round.

Only those developers who have contributed to the system base, the so-called kernel, since 2005 have been paid. In addition, there are several thousand developers who work on complementary linux software, such as the graphical user interfaces KDE and gnome.

The linux foundation, based in san francisco, is a non-profit consortium that has overseen linux development since its inception in 2000. Also the finish born linus torvalds, who founded linux in 1991, is part of it. Open source, as opposed to proprietary software from certain companies, means that the source code of the software is made public so that everyone can contribute to it.

The report shows that more than 1000 developers contributed to the linux kernel last year. These are predominantly no longer dedicated students or independent hackers, but 75 percent software developers who work in a company. "The linux community is a global, professional network of the world’s best software talent," the report states. Every two to three months a new kernel version is released; the current one is linux 3.2.