Swing bridges the planning period

"I was shocked myself that so much had already been taken down", says mayor michael kastl (CSU). Some equipment on the playground in jorgentorpark had to be removed for safety reasons and should actually be replaced quickly. But because a whole leisure park is now to be created, corresponding planning is necessary, which takes time. In times of corona, when many people don’t go on vacation, it is especially important to have attractive playgrounds, says the mayor. Now he has tested the swing combination together with his children mia, simon and marie.

In the last few years, the city has had several playgrounds in the city area renovated and also purchased new playground equipment. This was supposed to have happened in jorgentorpark, but first there were discussions in the old city council about the material of the play gates. So close to the old town, some councillors wanted wood rather than recycled plastic. During this discussion the idea came up to not only redesign the playground but to include the whole green belt along the city wall between the jorgentor and the skater place at the lache. This was also subsidized within the framework of the "stadtumbau west" program.

During an on-site meeting, michael kastl briefly explained to the city council members the necessity of purchasing an additional play set. "The only problem was that the manufacturers and distributors of the playground equipment have very long delivery times", he says. In times of corona they are obviously in great demand. Only the company westfalia, which has also equipped other playgrounds in the city, was able to deliver within six weeks. "It was important to me that the swing set be built during the vacations," says the mayor, says the mayor. At the beginning of last week the construction team of the city put the combination in place. It cost 6000 euros.

State Office for Health in erlangen celebrates topping-out ceremony

The headquarters of one of the most important consumer protection agencies is hidden away in the so-called brucker lache in erlangen. The bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL) has no iron to hoe. Eggs contaminated with fipronil, bird flu, epidemics in carp or domestic rabbits – these and many other things are being investigated by the scientists and laboratory technicians at the LGL.

On thursday, the topping-out ceremony took place for the so-called replacement building, which will cost 26.1 million euros. Completion of the light-flooded building with passive house standard and photovoltaics, which will serve as an administrative building, is planned for march 2019. Then the old building from 1972 will also be demolished.

Ms. Gabriele gunzelmann, head of structural engineering at the state building authority, had invited us to the event. Interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU), state minister for the environment and consumer protection ulrike scharf (CSU), the second mayor of erlangen, susanne lenders-cassens (grune), president of the LGL, andreas zapf, member of the bundestag martina stamm-fibich (SPD), and many more guests came.

Things are getting restless in the wine town

Despite the more than limited financial situation of the municipality of seinsheim, mayor heinz dorsch did not lose his smile, even if it became increasingly desperate during the course of the town hall meeting in tiefenstockheim.

The municipal council had already given a lot of thought to the expansion of weinbergsstrabe and bachgasse. In particular, the entrance to weinbergsstrabe near the cemetery is to be given a new face. How the road is to run in the future was painted in color on the asphalt by the municipality last year in time for all saints’ day.

The expected or hoped-for response was largely absent. At the beginning nothing came, then two women had complained to him about it. Now things seem to be getting restless in the tranquil wine town, as it spurs itself and as was then also voiced in the burgers’ meeting. The main criticism of those who wanted to leave it as it is was that parking space was being lost directly in front of the entrance to the cemetery, especially since it was green everywhere and there was no need for another green area in front of the cemetery. The argument of mayor dorsch that there is enough parking space ten meters away was wiped out.

city of kulmbach creates space for traffic circle

And again a piece of old-kulmbach disappears: the former interior design shop symalla in webergasse 15 (corner sutte) is demolished – see a short video here. Not long ago, old houses in buchbindergasse and lower stadtgasschen were flattened. And the "swan brewery cellar in the mirror, a relic of the brewery louis weib, also gets a place.

Why does the old house have to go, which was first mentioned in a document in 1531 – even before the city burned down in 1553 during the war of the states?? An inquiry with the city of kulmbach brings clarity. Mayor henry schramm explains: "at the corner of sutte/webergasse, a large traffic circle is being built with the new access road for the underground car park at the central car park. The traffic circle will have a diameter of 36 meters. In order to create sufficient space for pedestrians around the roadways, the house at webergasse 15 will be demolished and this area will be redesigned as part of the overall planning process. The house is of no concern in terms of historic preservation. The demolition is demanded in the context of the demand offensive northeast bavaria and is expected to last until the end of october. The redesign will take place in the context of the traffic circle construction."

Interior decorator symalla works here

Webergasse 15 was home to the interior decorator eckhard symalla from 1971 to 2003, when he sold the house to the city. His company logo and shop window are still familiar to many people in kulmbach.

Manchester city is champion - liverpool celebrates klopp

After successfully defending the title with manchester city, pep guardiola and his players fell into each other’s arms in brighton overjoyed and sang "campeones".

At the same time, jurgen klopp took a lap of honor at the anfield stadium to thunderous applause from the audience – but with agonized laughter. Klopp did not make a secret of his disappointment over the missed chance for liverpool FC’s first championship in 29 years. "Second is not necessarily what I wanted to be tonight," he said on the channel sky sports. "But i don’t see anyone crying here."

Liverpool had hoped for a slip-up from man city on the last matchday, but the leaders showed no signs of letting up and secured an emphatic 4-1 (2-1) victory at table 17. Brighton& hove albion as expected the sixth championship title in the club’s history. "We have worked hard," said guardiola. "Of course i must also congratulate liverpool. (…) competing with this team pushed us to the performances we achieved." After the return of the team to manchester was planned in the evening a rough celebration in the etihad stadium.

Workshop operation with cutbacks

Car repair shops are not affected by the bavarian government’s restrictions. But the burgers are only allowed to leave if they have a good reason to do so. Is a car repair such a? Can the mechanic change the tires of his customers?? What are the consequences of the corona crisis for the industry in general?? Michael neumann answers these questions. He is the managing director of auto com gmbh in rodental and district chairman of the motor vehicle guild of upper franconia. What are the economic consequences of the corona crisis for car repair shops?? Michael neumann: no dramatic ones so far – at least with the smaller ones. In any case, everything is in the green zone for us. Some of the larger contract repair shops have already announced short-time work. We’ll have to see how it all develops. Why do the smaller clubs currently have fewer problems?? They don’t have such a rough administration – so the fixed costs are also lower. Not all orders are accepted at the moment either. People are actually only allowed in the workshop if they have a good reason to do so. Such a good? When there is a real problem. For example, when a control light comes on or the car stops running. After a more serious accident of course also. But you shouldn’t come for a check-up to see if you’re okay. What about a tire change? Until last week it was not officially allowed. But in the meantime this is no longer a problem. Could the winter tires also be used in the summer in an emergency?? This is already possible. However, the rubber compound of the tire is intended for the winter. So in the summer you have a higher workload. Minister of transport andreas scheuer grants four months instead of the usual two months to make up the tuv for expired HU stickers. So is it advisable to postpone the mandatory check-up?? It is theoretically possible, but not advisable. After only two months, the fees for the examination are increased. This has to be done every two years – a good reason for it. The bouncers come to us. I have not yet had a case in which anyone has made use of the new regulation. The customers come to the day. How do you protect yourself and your employees or customers from infection?? We try to keep our distance at work. This is not always easy. Sometimes you just need help with printing, pushing or holding. We also make sure that there are no strangers in the workshop. They will be placed in the office at the highest. We are also making sure that there is sufficient distance. We also use plastic steering wheel protectors – for example when a car is delivered. Has the relaxation of restrictions ordered by minister-president markus soder changed anything for your company?? Not for the workshop. The sale of cars and accessories is now possible again on site. Previously, an order could only be placed online or by phone – then we delivered. Now the customers are allowed to come in person to buy something again. The interview was conducted by sven dorr.

old acquaintance returns to ac lichtenfels as hopeful

The german wrestling league (DRL) has announced that it will pause its league operations in 2020. Under the umbrella of the german wrestling federation (DRB), the first state federations are considering suspending the season. North rhine-westphalia already announced it would not resume operations at the state level until 2021. At present, it is far from certain that AC lichtenfels will be able to start its eighth bundesliga season in october as planned.

2012 as a huge talent to the ACL

When the bundesliga should start, a wrestler will wear the ACL jersey he had already put on in 2012 – tim muller. Muller came to obermain as a 20-year-old talent, and has competed 30 times for the ACL – most of them victorious. In the course of the two years in lichtenfels, muller made a name for himself on the obermain. He won more than two-thirds of his fights before he left lichtenfels for ispringen in the 2014 season. There he fought his way into the semifinals of the german championship with KSV, and later also with ASV mainz. Muller considers winning the german championship in 2017 to be a milestone in his individual sporting career, when "after a long break and many, many hurdles" he was able to win the title after becoming german champion of the manner again in 2015.

Wrestling genes present

Muller was formally born to wrestle. His father was already on the mat. Cousin dieter schwind, a european and world champion, was a sporting role model for the youngster while he was gaining his first experience as a wrestler. At that time, the native of aschaffenburg was still on the mat for hosbach and developed there into a promising talent, which also attracted the attention of AC lichtenfels. However, it was to take some time from the first contact to the change. The decisive factor was finally simon pilzweger (2009 to 2014 at the ACL) "who guided me a bit there", muller remembers the decision to move to lichtenfels. Two successful years later, it was clear to the now 22-year-old muller that he would not be able to make the weight of 66 kilograms for another season. A move to the 74-kilo class was inevitable. However, pilzweger was at home in this one. Muller, who did not want to be a rival for his friend, therefore decided to accept the offer of KSV ispringen.

Dutch television team as guests

Background to the recording sessions that took place on 6. According to reporter dirk kagenaar, the dutch healthcare system is considering making people who are overweight pay higher insurance premiums. The rehabilitation facility in bad kissingen, a clinic of the rehabilitation centers in badenwurttemberg, was discovered through the "obesity study" come.

Patients with a body mass index of around 30 between the ages of 18 and 75 were offered a special incentive to lose weight as part of a research project in cooperation with the rheinisch-westfalisches institut fur wirtschaftsforschung (RWI) essen, said the medical director, monika reuss-borst, in an interview with dirk kagenaar from the TV magazine "KRO-brandpunt". In the last week of the inpatient rehabilitation stay, an individual target weight to be reached within four months was set in consultation with the attending physician. Four months later, the actual weight was measured on an outpatient basis by a pharmacist in the home country.

Prevention takes time

the doctors determined which group was most likely to succeed in making the change in diet and lifestyle. For two groups, financial bonuses of 150 and 300 euros were offered, while the control group did not receive any bonus even for successful weight loss.

Zeyen:wedding postponed, para history written

Annika zeyen postponed her wedding planned for this summer to make a piece of paralympics history. The plan worked. And when she actually won paralympics gold in the second summer sport, her fiance was the first congratulator.

From england, he called a colleague zeyens and loved to be put through. "It does when you have colleagues at the finish line," said zeyen, who works as brand manager for the international paralympic committee (IPC).

Her victory in the time trial on a successful german cycling day with eight medals was unusual not only because she is the only IPC employee to compete in tokyo and the only one ever to win a title. But also because the paraplegic from bonn had won gold in wheelchair basketball in 2012. "To win gold in two different sports is unbelievable. You can’t top that," said the 36-year-old, who has only been racing internationally on handbikes for two and a half years.

Fbi shows photos of suspected bombers

Three days after the boston marathon bombing, police released photos of two suspected men. At a press conference on thursday, the police called on the public to help in the search for the two men. The photos were taken shortly before the two detonations on monday at the scene of the crime. They show two young men in dark clothes with backpacks. Three people were killed and more than 170 injured in the bomb explosions on monday.

The mannerists were armed and dangerous, said chief investigator richard deslauriers. Who recognizes them, should not approach them. Further progress in the investigation was not initially known. There were no indications of any arrests.

U.S. President barack obama called on americans to defy terror at a funeral service in boston. "The bomb cannot defeat us. We continue", he said in an emotional speech at the city’s cathedral on thursday. He then spoke at a clinic with injured people. Obama’s speech in the church of the holy cross was interrupted several times by roaring applause. Over 2000 people came, including relatives of terror victims.