The women and men of the graduating class of 1977 really enjoyed their class reunion. 40 years after their graduation ceremony at the elementary school rauhenebrach they came together in geusfeld for a reunion and left with the firm decision not to wait another five years until they see each other again, because: "next year we will celebrate 50 years of schooling", was the firm resolution at the farewell – and at the same time the order to renate seifert, who regularly organizes the jahrgang meetings.
Over 60 young people from all parts of rauhenebrach fall in love with the elementary school in untersteinbach in 1977. Such vintage coarse are long gone today. Well half of the vintage members met at the weekend in geusfeld, where the meeting began with a church service. Afterwards we went to the wengel inn, which is run by the family of the former classmate kurt muller. There were many memories exchanged and of course also pictures of the first grandchildren were shown.
Rauhenebrach’s second mayor alfred bauer and local councillor monika weinbeer are also part of the group. The two informed those participants who no longer live in the steigerwald about the changes in the community of rauhenebrach. Sw

Israel opens border crossing with the gaza strip

The border crossing erez and the crossing kerem shalom are open again, israeli television reported. The cogat authorities announced the move on saturday evening. The erez crossing is open to foreigners and palastinians with special permits, such as patients in need of medical treatment.

The crossings were closed a week ago due to an escalation of violence in which four israelis and 25 palastinians were killed. Palestinian militants had fired some 700 rockets at israel; israel’s army then attacked targets in the gaza strip.

Since monday, both sides have largely adhered to a cease-fire that was negotiated with agyptian help, among others. Qatar has pledged millions in aid to the palastinians.

Ben affleck speaks out after hospitalization

American actor ben affleck (46, "gone girl," "justice league") waxes eloquent on his instagram profile about his treatment in a rehab clinic.

The hollywood star had undergone 40 days of treatment for his alcohol addiction. Via instagram, the hollywood star now declares that he has completed treatment, but will continue to undergo outpatient treatment. Affleck also thanked the fans and his family for the wishes of recovery he received during the treatment.

"The support i have received from my family, colleagues and fans means more to me than i can say. It has given me strength to talk to others about my illness," affleck says in the statement. "Fighting an addiction is a lifelong and difficult struggle". That’s why you’re never really in or out of treatment. It’s a full-time job. I am fighting for myself and my family."

Bamberg – as a pilot school for culture, the heidelsteigschule is well on the way to taking on a pioneering role in the bavarian school system. If the pilot phase of the project is successfully completed, the primary and secondary school will be awarded the title of "cultural school" in 2017 – another building block in the concept of a very committed school family. The heidelsteig school is already a "school without racism – school with courage" and because of its commitment to fair trade, the school has also been certified as a "fair trade school" get. "The bamberger heidelsteig school is really something special", praises state minister melanie huml (CSU), who, according to her own statements, is in munich for this "innovative and committed school" advertises.

Demanded by the ministry of education
The bavarian ministry of culture supports the heidelsteig school financially on its way to becoming a cultural school: "just recently, my cabinet colleague ludwig spaenle, minister of culture, approved a further 10,000 euros from the cultural fund", reports huml. This raises the demand to 25,000 euros. "This support is important, also because it sends out a signal that we in bavaria see school as a place for learning and living," she praised, emphasizes the minister. "On the way to adulthood, we have to teach our children and young people more than just what they learn in school textbooks. This is about personal development", the minister continued.
According to huml, the pilot school for culture is an exemplary project: "cultural education not only challenges the creativity of the students, but also their participation in social life and ultimately leads to an improvement in future opportunities overall, huml explains and expresses his thanks to principal ursula lyda-fischer, mayor christian lange and the numerous project partners from the cultural sector. "Thanks to the dedicated efforts of many involved, the heidelsteig school is able to offer a very diverse cultural curriculum, there is something for everyone from music to art to cultural history", praises huml, who herself enjoyed making music as a schoolgirl and was a member of the choir. "Today, unfortunately, I don't have the time, but I do enjoy going to concerts very much." 

New trouble for boeing: 737 must be inspected

Coatings on tailplane attachments were improperly applied, FAA safety directive says.

If the components failed, pilots could lose control of the aircraft in the worst case scenario.

The safety directive was to be published by the FAA on monday and was previously available in the U.S. Federal register.

Strullendorf – FC strullendorf has written a thick chapter in the history of the club in the past season of the fubball-landesliga nordost. Under the coaches mario herrmannsdorfer and rene finnemann the strullendorfer missed as table last (25 points, 44:73 goals) the class preservation clearly. Now there is to be a new beginning in the district class.
Sports director richard rodel takes stock: "we started the series with the goal of staying in the league. We clearly missed this target, which is why we are naturally all disappointed. The squad was put together according to the ideas of the two coaches. He was in any case suitable for the national league." But the season stood from the beginning under an unlucky star. Rene finnemann, who was supposed to drive the team with his routine, suffered a serious knee injury in the cup match against memmelsdorf and was out for almost the entire round. In addition, manuel ostriz and tobias mirror. Then daniel probst also withdrew due to injury and professional commitment back. Sven wenzel injured his head badly and dominik oppelt had health problems. Therefore the FCS engaged philipp and heiko felsheim afterwards. Coach herrmannsdorfer helped out as a player.
The lack of injuries contributed to the fact that the team never found a real unity. So the sporting success was missing, although relatively many games were always lost with only one goal difference. Rodel: "so we were to be found from the beginning always in the table cellar, which gnawed naturally at the morale. We achieved respectable successes, such as the draw with the promoted team in neudrossenfeld, the away victories in vach and pegnitz and, above all, the convincing home victory over our neighbors pettstadt. But all in all we just didn't score enough."
The important first game after the winter break against our rivals burgkunstadt was supposed to be won, but it was only enough for a 2-2 draw. There followed another draw at derghaspor nurnberg. But then there were the games against the top teams "which we all lost", so rodel. "Here, however, we also had to bring in points, but it lacked before the goal simply the kaltschnauzigkeit." In addition, the squad was depleted by new long-term injuries. The goals came from stefan karl, maximilian vetter and david kroak. "In the last eight games we even had to rely on substitutes from the second team in order to be able to play with eleven players", explains the sports director. "We couldn't use any regular players from our reserve team, because this team still needed points to stay in the league. Thus the relegation became apparent early on, and even the surprise victory in burgkunstadt did nothing to change that."
With a complete squad the FCS had realized the class preservation, is rodel sure. In the decisive moments have the team a "real leader", a pronounced goal scorer was missing. Rodel: "relegation is always bitter, especially since the squad is scattering to the four winds. We responsible persons must look however forward and convert our intention, the new start, into the act. Our first team will start in the new series in the district class. We are again relying primarily on our own players."
The club must be restored to health and put on a new footing. "We hope for our members, supporters, advertising partners and sponsors", means rodel. "We are sure to make the right step in the right direction." In the last few years, no one had really noticed the landesliga anymore. This starts with the number of spectators and continues with the number of visitors to the sports home. Rodel: "in addition, due to the ever-increasing demands of the BFV, cooperation in the club leaves a lot to be desired, not to mention the annual financial adventure. It should not be the playing class that is decisive, but the continued existence of the club."