new ebelsbach player-coach harald kaiser wants to see '90 minutes at full throttle

Coach, player-coach, coach, now again player-coach: after norbert hiller, patrick reuter and most recently peter grobe, the new sporting director at SV ebelsbach since this season is harald kaiser.
For the last three years, the 31-year-old real estate agent was active at and for TSV kirchaich. But it wasn’t the fact that he missed out on promotion to the district league twice that tipped the scales in favor of leaving the steigerwald region. “As a coach, even if things are going very well on a personal level, you always want to take the next step and get to know other clubs, he emphasizes.
For his sporting career as a player-coach, the family father is convinced that the change is "definitely a step in the right direction again." But his goal with ebelsbach sounds rather modest. Fur harald kaiser, who after his youth time at TSV burgebrach, FC eintracht bamberg and even the 1. FC nurnberg (A-youth) as well as for the 1. FC bamberg, TSV burgebrach and TSV kirchaich, it would be great if we could play a decent season in the district league and finish in the middle or top third of the league."
In order for this intention to be reflected in the standings at the end of may 2018, the team – in line with his understanding of football – should always try to give full throttle for 90 minutes in order to take home the three points at the end of the day. Fubball is a great team sport. It depends on every player to function as a team", the 31-year-old makes clear. Harald kaiser is still in the prime of his football career. That’s why he has "no thoughts" about his future yet made. He calls it "luck, not to have to complain about any serious injuries. "Because of this", he says "i will stay in the active field as long as my body shows me green light."
After his active time, which according to the current state of affairs will last for a few more years, he "would like to stay in the adult and performance area as a coach. Here it is really fun to work with young, dynamic people who want to succeed."
So far kaiser in kirchaich had this luck. "I think it will continue here after the first impressions", he is optimistic.
All in all, in his opinion, amateur sports in the district are very well positioned. Most clubs are equipped with decent fubball courts." The most important basis for him "spab am fubball" to have a good reason for leaving is therefore a given. The organization with the bavarian football association (BEV) and especially the district of lower franconia is also described by the attacker as "fruitful". The amateur sport in the hobby area can therefore also be designed to bring football into harmony with the other areas of everyday life.

Zeyen:wedding postponed, para history written

Annika zeyen postponed her wedding planned for this summer to make a piece of paralympics history. The plan worked. And when she actually won paralympics gold in the second summer sport, her fiance was the first congratulator.

From england, he called a colleague zeyens and loved to be put through. "It does when you have colleagues at the finish line," said zeyen, who works as brand manager for the international paralympic committee (IPC).

Her victory in the time trial on a successful german cycling day with eight medals was unusual not only because she is the only IPC employee to compete in tokyo and the only one ever to win a title. But also because the paraplegic from bonn had won gold in wheelchair basketball in 2012. "To win gold in two different sports is unbelievable. You can’t top that," said the 36-year-old, who has only been racing internationally on handbikes for two and a half years.

BG litzendorf’s regional league women’s basketball team got off to a successful start in the new year. Against the second team of TSV nordlingen, the team of coach uwe duckarm managed a razor-thin 60:57 home victory – once again after verlangerung.
The hostesses started very restrained, only twelve points stood after the first play section on the have side. However, the defense was somewhat stable, so that the gap was only five points and we remained within striking distance. The second quarter was a similar, balanced picture (halftime 26:29).
In the second half, an open, very exciting exchange of blows developed, with the guests always slightly in front (38:39 after the third quarter). In the last quarter, the home team managed to build up a small lead thanks to the switch to a full-court press defense. But nordlingen countered promptly and levelled the score at 50:50 shortly before the end. The last attack of the litzendorferinnen ran into the empty and so it hit – as so often in this season – verlangerung.

Ruckspiel already on sunday

Here the "pirates", who have meanwhile been tried and tested in the extra shift, had a good time then once again the longer breath and defeated the never giving up nordlingerinnen at the end narrowly. The girls from dietsv have the opportunity to take revenge next weekend. Due to postponements of the match, the return match in nordlingen is scheduled for 14. January next on the agenda. Cr
BG litzendorf: dorberth (18), vogel (17), duckarm (9), goller (5), malcharczyk (5), ferguson (2), knoblach (2), rockmann (2), kestler

Agreement: wolfsburg extends contract with schmadtke

Lower saxony confirmed the german press agency corresponding reports of the "sport bild", the "kicker" and the "sportbuzzer". The 56-year-old has been working as general manager for the lower saxons since 2018, his old contract runs until 2021. "From my side there has been a verbal commitment for another year, from the other side too," schmadtke is quoted by "sportbuzzer". The contract is not yet signed.

"It’s fun to work here. And we are not at the end yet. I like to stay with the vfl, because I want to bring the club forward and implement projects," said schmadtke. The plan is to get together in the winter to decide how to proceed. Half a year before the end of the contract should be decided whether the contract will be extended again. "This is a very good solution for everyone involved," explained the former goalkeeper, who previously played for the 1. FC koln was active.

The wolfsburg team finished seventh in the previous season. This means that the former german champions will first have to compete in the european league qualifiers. On 5. Or 6. August the vfl also plays its ruck match in the eighth final of the 2019/20 european league season against shakhtjor donezk. Should the vfl make up for its 1:2 deficit from the first game, it was to take part in a final-round tournament from 10. August in a final-round tournament in north rhine-westphalia.

newly formed ts kronach women's team celebrates successful season

After almost a decade of abstinence, the basketball department of turnerschaft kronach sent a women’s team to the starting line for the first time again this season. In the upper district league, group A, the women’s team from kronach finished in fourth place with a score of 8:12 points. The internally set goal of being the best team from the district of kronach was achieved. All four derbies against ludwigsstadt and kups went to the county seat.

After a successful ara in the first decade of this millennium, the team had disbanded in 2009 due to study. During this time, the kronach girls rose to the bavarian league and celebrated championships in the district league as well as six cup victories at the stuck.

Left in the women’s division of the club was a girls’ team, which at the end of last season was also on the verge of extinction due to a lack of playing opportunities in the district and a heterogeneous age structure. With the return to kronach of player steffi gehring, who for a time even played in the 1. Bundesliga was active, the TSK took the chance to put together a women’s team again.

Hausen youths make a strong case for youth center and sports facilities

The district youth ring forchheim and the office for youth work hausen/heroldsbach have organized the participation event "shaping hausen’s future" invited. Eleven children and young people aged between twelve and 17 from hausen and wimmelbach accepted the invitation to the burgerhaus. The event was organized and guided through the evening by the district youth worker stefanie schmitt and the youth worker patrick peter.

The first and second mayors of the town and the town councillors were also present to talk to the young burghers. A lively exchange took place in four different thematic corners, with the young people contributing many ideas and interesting points of view. The aim of the event was to ask the children and young people about their wishes and ideas for their future in hausen and wimmelbach and thus to stimulate an attractive and youth-oriented development of their home town.

Many examples came up, which on the one hand were wishful thinking, but on the other hand were quite true to life and constructively jerked into the foreground. For example, there was a lot of talk about the possibilities at the existing sports fields in hausen. The children and young people would like the basketball court to be made accessible to them in the afternoon. A volleyball court and a suitable location were also discussed. A youth meeting place, where people can meet regardless of the weather, was explicitly mentioned several times. The planned skater facility was also discussed.

Pepe apologizes: fubtritt 'unintentional'

He affirmed that his attack had been "unintentional. "It would never occur to me to cause damage to a teammate," said the defender, who is known for his repeated rough fouls.

The spanish sports press was even more harsh on pepe after this "unbelievable" apology on friday. "He cheats, kicks with pigeons and on top of that he leers," wrote the newspaper "sport" on its front page. The tv pictures clearly showed that pepe deliberately put a fub on messi’s hand when the argentinian was sitting on the pitch.

Barcelona had won the explosive duel on wednesday night with 2:1 (0:1) and thus inflicted another bitter defeat on the arch-rival. The second leg of the quarterfinals of the cup will take place next wednesday at the camp nou of barcelona.

TSV presseck has had an economically solid and sporting successful year. This was clear from the reports of the individual departments at the annual general meeting in the sports center.

Philipp soll and johannes schiffel recalled that both the first soccer team and the first table tennis team achieved promotion honors.

The women’s gymnastics department presented itself in a variety of ways: from health prevention courses to lively show dance performances.

Hammelburg volleys are challenged twice

FT freiburg – hammelburg volleys (saturday, 8 p.M.) the joy over the hammelburg volleys’ successful start to the season with the opening victories over mimmenhausen and friedrichshafen had not yet evaporated, when the team officials behind the scenes already had to react for the first time. "Due to one or the other minor overload indication with some of our players, we have decided to make the squad a little bit rougher as a precaution", says press spokesman olly wendt. Athletics coach and co-trainer janick sill moves from the bench into the players’ jersey. For the 26-year-old, the jump from the bayerliga to the 2. Bundesliga a challenge that the wurzburger is happy to take on:

"I see the step into the second bundesliga above all as a huge opportunity. I fully trust karl’s judgement that i can be a help to the team and i’m happy to be part of this great team as a player as well." Already on saturday sill will be a player in freiburg. "I’m convinced that janick can help us and i’m pleased that he has spontaneously agreed to play, says head coach karl kaden, who wanted to take the positive energy from last weekend with him on the long trip to breisgau. "The freiburg team didn’t win its first game in schwaig for nothing", says kaden, even though the team from central franconia only competed with a minimal squad due to organizational difficulties in preparing for the season. Coach schonhagen’s team will welcome the volleys with fast and varied volleyball in their home burda hall.

Cup on sunday

On sunday, hammelburg’s hunen have to go to work again, namely in their home saaletalhalle, where ten teams will compete from 11 a.M. For a place in the bavarian cup final on 7 a.M. October in memmelsdorf fight. Participants will include league opponent eltmann. "It won’t be a self-runner after the previous evening’s game. If we want to win, we have to beat eltmann first and foremost", female captain peter wolf.