Within the framework of the kiskunhala wine harvest festival, which was held for the 40th time this year, the. The 25th anniversary of the town twinning between kronach and its hungarian twin town was also celebrated.

A large delegation from kronach with mayor wolfgang beiergroblein and city councilors heinz hausmann, wolfgang hummer and edgar dunst in the lead was accompanied by the kronach youth orchestra, a delegation of the kronach civic defense force and other eager supporters of the city partnership idea, including mayor a. D. Manfred raum with his wife. They all traveled to kiskunhalas to celebrate this special anniversary in style. A varied program awaited the people of kronach.

In his speech on the main stage of the weinlesefest, mayor beiergroblein referred to the origins of the city partnership between kronach and kiskunhalas. The then mayors zoltan toth and manfred raum were the ones who laid the foundation for the friendship between the two municipalities 25 years ago. But even during his own time in office, it had been an important matter of conviction for him to support and demand the city partnership and to get actively involved himself, said the acting head of the city of kronach.

Well, the duke as garden gnome?

It is the high point of the school year at the casimirianum: the crowning of the statue of duke casimir. A wreath is placed on the stone head of the founder of the school, another one is placed on his arm.
But on wednesday, casimir suddenly looked very different: a simple hat on his head, a can of water in his hand, and a green gardener’s shawl around his belly.

This year’s high school graduates were responsible for this somewhat different attack, as they had played a joke on each other overnight.

The background of the action is also amusing: due to the reconstruction of the so-called e-building ("ernstbau") at the casimirianum, the 2012 high school graduates had classes last year mainly in the alternative quarters on the land of the former spindler villa (alexandrinenstrabe). That the containers set up there are "containers", however were called, displeased some at the school. Finally, the time-honored "casi" stands for tradition, values and a certain standard. The containers, surrounded by a lot of green, therefore officially called G-bau ("horticulture"). The school-leavers promptly rhymed: "successful, already and clever – we come from horticulture." In addition to the duke on wednesday, they also dressed up as garden gnomes.

Last tuesday, the graduation ceremonies began at the ritter-von spix middle school in hochstadt. Despite the rather chilly weather, 65 students from the M branch sweated it out in the aischtal hall. Cell phones were handed in, and after a brief introduction, schoolchildren turned their attention to math problems.

"This is already the third day, and I am not very excited", said one student before the start of the exam.

In addition to the "quali", hochstadt’s secondary school offers also the intermediate school-leaving certificate in the M-branch at. The "M" stands for middle maturity. The M-train was introduced in many middle schools as an alternative to the four-year secondary school in the 1999/2000 school year.

Suspect in the murder of Lena has confessed

Investigators did not give any details about the motive. The young man may have committed other sexual offenses previously.

Emden (dpa) – after the first miscarriage with a wrongly suspected person, the investigators in the murder case of lena have convicted another young man as the suspected culprit. The 18-year-old admitted to killing the eleven-year-old schoolgirl in a parking garage in emden last saturday. He was convicted with the help of DNA analysis. He has been in custody since sunday for murder, because according to the investigation he wanted to cover up a sexual abuse of the girl.

The man knew his way around the crime scene – he had regularly used the parking garage for the trendy climbing sport of parkour. The investigators had first arrested a schoolboy, the innocent 17-year-old on friday again set free fub.

17 New employees in the

It was a good day for helios-frankenwaldklinik on wednesday, when 17 nurses officially completed their training in the afternoon. Twelve of them will continue to care for patients in the clinic. The remaining five are working at other clinics or are using their skills as a basis and building on them through further training.

The head of the nursing school, matthias lau, was proud of his graduates. He pointed out that this "course 54" had been the first to be confronted with new learning methods and new media during training. And he asked the young people: "dear Z-generation, show the X- and Y-generations what you have on it!"

For the managing director, philipp lowenstein, it was the first farewell to trainees. And he said with a smile at the graduates' festive attire: "you are so elegantly and grandly dressed, if I had known that, I had adapted myself."

Lotzen's first goal as em-troffner

Lena lotzen was almost overwhelmed with joy after scoring her first goal of the tournament. For a brief moment you had to worry about her health. But she was able to escape unharmed from the german jubilation gag.

"When the ball went into the goal, it was pure relief, an indescribable feeling of friendship. It’s something very special to score your first goal at the european championship," said the 19-year-old shooting star after the 3-0 (1-0) win for the DFB women. With the win against iceland, the defending champions are back on track and on course for a place in the european championship quarterfinals in sweden.

Dzsenifer marozsan reported on monday before the two-hour bus ride to the next venue, kalmar, on the east coast off the island of oland, about the atmosphere that was drawn. "It was a great feeling to wake up with a win," said the playmaker, who was also pleased to receive positive feedback from father janos, once a hungarian national player. "I get feedback after every game. He was pleased this time and told me to keep it up and try to finish more myself," said marozsan.

A happy reunion was celebrated by 47 former students of the class of 1957/58 from the elementary school in munnerstadt. "We used to be a huge class with well over 40 students", recalled a schoolmate. The last time they had seen each other was five years ago.

From north and south

There was of course a lot to talk about at the meeting, which began with a champagne reception in the club room of the munnerstadt reservists at the train station. In sunny autumn weather and after a leisurely walk up to the beehive, the group met there for coffee and cake.

The deceased remembered

Many former students are still at home in munnerstadt and the surrounding area, some have traveled from the far north, others from the munich region.

Compromising on the school day

Susanne muller's first reach into the shelf yields a strawberry-banana smoothie. "I make it myself at home, but the ready-made product will do for the school lunch," explains the food expert, explains the food expert. The purified fruits are supplemented by fruit and vegetables in whole form. Susanne muller stows grapes, cocktail tomatoes and kohlrabi in the shopping cart as an example. It doesn't matter what kind, and "it doesn't have to be cooked, either," she says, says muller. The raw food can simply be cut into small pieces and packed into the lunch box.

At this moment, the 45-year-old looks around in search of something: "we definitely need another nice lunch box." Because if the children have spab at the can, that is already half the rent. After two boxes are found – one for fruit, one for vegetables and bread – susanne muller says: "now we have to get to the candy, of course."

She lingers briefly in front of the shelf and then reaches for the colorful pacifier gumdrops. But here, too, it makes no difference what you choose, since everything is sugar-heavy. For muller, herself a mother of two, the key is: "it has to be something for the eye and things that children really like."
The 45-year-old doesn't think much of the supposedly healthier alternatives at the top of the shelves: "there's just as much sugar in them."

The women and men of the graduating class of 1977 really enjoyed their class reunion. 40 years after their graduation ceremony at the elementary school rauhenebrach they came together in geusfeld for a reunion and left with the firm decision not to wait another five years until they see each other again, because: "next year we will celebrate 50 years of schooling", was the firm resolution at the farewell – and at the same time the order to renate seifert, who regularly organizes the jahrgang meetings.
Over 60 young people from all parts of rauhenebrach fall in love with the elementary school in untersteinbach in 1977. Such vintage coarse are long gone today. Well half of the vintage members met at the weekend in geusfeld, where the meeting began with a church service. Afterwards we went to the wengel inn, which is run by the family of the former classmate kurt muller. There were many memories exchanged and of course also pictures of the first grandchildren were shown.
Rauhenebrach’s second mayor alfred bauer and local councillor monika weinbeer are also part of the group. The two informed those participants who no longer live in the steigerwald about the changes in the community of rauhenebrach. Sw

Bamberg – as a pilot school for culture, the heidelsteigschule is well on the way to taking on a pioneering role in the bavarian school system. If the pilot phase of the project is successfully completed, the primary and secondary school will be awarded the title of "cultural school" in 2017 – another building block in the concept of a very committed school family. The heidelsteig school is already a "school without racism – school with courage" and because of its commitment to fair trade, the school has also been certified as a "fair trade school" get. "The bamberger heidelsteig school is really something special", praises state minister melanie huml (CSU), who, according to her own statements, is in munich for this "innovative and committed school" advertises.

Demanded by the ministry of education
The bavarian ministry of culture supports the heidelsteig school financially on its way to becoming a cultural school: "just recently, my cabinet colleague ludwig spaenle, minister of culture, approved a further 10,000 euros from the cultural fund", reports huml. This raises the demand to 25,000 euros. "This support is important, also because it sends out a signal that we in bavaria see school as a place for learning and living," she praised, emphasizes the minister. "On the way to adulthood, we have to teach our children and young people more than just what they learn in school textbooks. This is about personal development", the minister continued.
According to huml, the pilot school for culture is an exemplary project: "cultural education not only challenges the creativity of the students, but also their participation in social life and ultimately leads to an improvement in future opportunities overall, huml explains and expresses his thanks to principal ursula lyda-fischer, mayor christian lange and the numerous project partners from the cultural sector. "Thanks to the dedicated efforts of many involved, the heidelsteig school is able to offer a very diverse cultural curriculum, there is something for everyone from music to art to cultural history", praises huml, who herself enjoyed making music as a schoolgirl and was a member of the choir. "Today, unfortunately, I don't have the time, but I do enjoy going to concerts very much."