Juncker calls for a more social europe

Ahead of the EU summit in romania, commission president jean-claude juncker called for a clear social orientation of the european union. "I am against an eu where social dumping is the rule," juncker said in sibiu (hermannstadt).

The EU also needs to do better on climate protection. "Europe must be the place where climate change is tackled as best as possible"."

At the summit in sibiu, german chancellor angela merkel and her eu colleagues want to discuss the "strategic agenda" for the coming years. Two weeks before the european elections they also want to send a signal of unity and new beginnings. A "sibiu declaration" should reaffirm EU core values such as democracy, rule of law and justice, close cooperation and a stronger role for europe on the world stage.

Trimburg schoolchildren experience knights to touch

"I didn't know how heavy such a knight's outfit is", schuler matthew marvels. "This excursion into the world of knights is a premiere for our schoolchildren", betrayal special education teacher britt leidel. Together with her colleague, social pedagogue hans-joachim kohnkow, she accompanies the first group of schoolchildren on saturday. Two days later, the second group visits trimburg castle.

Detailed knightly atmosphere prevails on the land of the castle ruins. The knights, who had traveled from munich, set up their colorful tents and magnificently erected the insignia of their virtual rule. At the top of the list is sir galahad from munich, who slipped into the role of the duke of lothian from edinburgh in scotland. His right hand is the sword leader sir rolf zu munichen. Sir richard von wolfensteyn also arrived from munich. The knights did not want to reveal their civilian names. Because they slip completely into the roles of their historical role models for such events and forget for a few days that in everyday life they are television technicians, carpenters or computer experts. "It's the first time we've been to the trimburg and we feel totally at home in this great setting, swarm sir galahad.

In his festively decorated tent, galahad explains to the curious students how a knight lived 700 years ago. They had already heard about it in history class. But here we don't read from books, we have the objects in front of our eyes and can even hold them in our hands. "This is much better than school.", tobias is happy. The ambience of this knighthood also impresses the students very much. The astonished faces show pure fascination.

Kirch vs. Deutsche Bank continues in mid-June

After the bank was ordered to pay damages in principle, the higher regional court (OLG) in munich is to rule on 13. June to discuss further steps, said a court spokesman, confirming a report in the news magazine "der spiegel". It is a further intermediate step in the legal dispute that has been raging for years.

Among other things, it is to be clarified which experts are to decide how high the damage actually was and how much money the bank will have to pay in the end. In december, the higher regional court ordered the bank to pay damages for the bankruptcy of the media empire of the now deceased leo kirch in 2002.

At the beginning of 2002, shortly before the insolvency, the then head of the deutsche bank, rolf breuer, questioned kirch’s creditworthiness in a television interview.