Israel opens border crossing with the gaza strip

The border crossing erez and the crossing kerem shalom are open again, israeli television reported. The cogat authorities announced the move on saturday evening. The erez crossing is open to foreigners and palastinians with special permits, such as patients in need of medical treatment.

The crossings were closed a week ago due to an escalation of violence in which four israelis and 25 palastinians were killed. Palestinian militants had fired some 700 rockets at israel; israel’s army then attacked targets in the gaza strip.

Since monday, both sides have largely adhered to a cease-fire that was negotiated with agyptian help, among others. Qatar has pledged millions in aid to the palastinians.

Ben affleck speaks out after hospitalization

American actor ben affleck (46, "gone girl," "justice league") waxes eloquent on his instagram profile about his treatment in a rehab clinic.

The hollywood star had undergone 40 days of treatment for his alcohol addiction. Via instagram, the hollywood star now declares that he has completed treatment, but will continue to undergo outpatient treatment. Affleck also thanked the fans and his family for the wishes of recovery he received during the treatment.

"The support i have received from my family, colleagues and fans means more to me than i can say. It has given me strength to talk to others about my illness," affleck says in the statement. "Fighting an addiction is a lifelong and difficult struggle". That’s why you’re never really in or out of treatment. It’s a full-time job. I am fighting for myself and my family."

New trouble for boeing: 737 must be inspected

Coatings on tailplane attachments were improperly applied, FAA safety directive says.

If the components failed, pilots could lose control of the aircraft in the worst case scenario.

The safety directive was to be published by the FAA on monday and was previously available in the U.S. Federal register.