A soccer game without someone to sell pancakes and flip the sausages on the grill? A horticultural club without the chairman who organizes trips to austria and italy?

Everything hardly imaginable. But volunteers are needed for these and many other diverse activities. In recent years, the demands on volunteers have become increasingly high. Increasingly, politicians are imposing rules that are difficult for volunteers to implement.

The new general data protection regulation has recently caused a lot of excitement. "Volunteering has changed so much", says nora lehnerer. She is chairwoman of the mother and family meeting erlangen, herself a volunteer, and discussed on tuesday morning in the district administration office erlangen-hochstadt with representatives from politics. Herzogenaurach’s mayor, german hacker (SPD), also sees social changes as responsible for the fact that fewer and fewer people want to do voluntary work.

Hanging game over ubersee container ends

The "captain" the waves have smoothed out, the ocean-going container can "dock" in the port of the nearby lute and "dock" in the vicinity of an existing lumberyard. At its meeting on monday evening in the community center, the community council approved the installation of the container with a few conditions. As recently as december, the committee had unanimously voted against the project because of its disastrous appearance at the southern entrance to kirchlauter, which "subsequently caused a great deal of excitement", according to mayor jochen steppert (CSU), he was concerned.

But now steppert was "much more relaxed" and "with a better feeling approach to the subject.
To this end, he first acted as a "windshield wiper", as it gave the overhead projector a spring cleaning to give its board the proper perspective on its plans. Then, in the ice-cold meeting room, he rolled up his already short arms and started to present the results of various discussions.

According to a statement from the office of agriculture and forestry, the applicant had an agricultural business and wanted to use the container to store agricultural equipment. Thus, it is a privileged construction project. "We must accept this as a fact, since the agricultural use is proven", said steppert, who still did not find an overseas container in the middle of the countryside acceptable.

The fire was in the air

That "firekids" or "loschzwerge" try to inject as much water as possible into a pylon with the help of a hand pump, that is the nature of the thing. But why "loschpiraten or "blue light pirates stringing up macaroni with a shish kebab stuck between your teeth, hoisting a sack, kicking tin cans into a paddling pool, juggling balls with a stretcher or a towel – it’s not necessarily about firefighter training: it’s about having fun together, forming a team and a community, solving tasks as a team. All participants between the ages of six and eleven finally received certificates of attendance. The challenge cup for the best points collector went from the baunach children’s fire department to the "bergfuchse" from frankendorf.

Children were not allowed to join the youth fire department until they were twelve years old. Because many children of this age already have their sights set elsewhere, fire departments across the country are trying to get children interested in later service in the field. Fire zeal in the best sense can be awakened, for example, in the joint construction of nesting boxes, in adventure nights at the campfire or in baking bread.

Deputy district administrator georg bogensperger – himself a gold-grun firefighter merit badge holder – praised the children and thanked those responsible for participating in an event that should help ensure that there are enough capable firefighters and rescue workers in the future as well.

The 'luckenbuber

Before simon schiller returns to TSV meeder as head coach after his bali vacation, christian muller has taken over responsibility for the team promoted from the district league. We talked to the interim coach, who likes to take care of the goalkeepers and also the youngsters in the club, about his transitional role in the club.

Hello, mr. Muller, how did you get in touch with the club’s sporting management after stefan noth left the club??
Christian muller: in the end, the players’ council was decisive in consultation with our game director dieter sommer. The latter also approached me after it became clear that we needed a transitional solution for the time of the coach search.

The coach’s debut worked out: 1:0 home win against direct rivals spvgg lettenreuth. Why was the team winless eight days in a row before??
Since I have only been able to watch a few games in the current season, it is not easy for me to make a judgment. But let’s take the away game last week in merkendorf as an example, which I watched. The own chance utilization was fatal, what naturally the whole team increasingly unsettles.
It is clear that when the score is 1:1 and even when the score is 1:2, high-caliber opportunities are missed, it is not possible to build up self-confidence. But this belief in one’s own strength is indispensable for deciding games in one’s favor – especially in such a precarious situation. The fact that order is then lost, and hectic and disorderly attempts are made to turn the game around, is added to the top. My main task will be to improve that.

Only those developers who have contributed to the system base, the so-called kernel, since 2005 have been paid. In addition, there are several thousand developers who work on complementary linux software, such as the graphical user interfaces KDE and gnome.

The linux foundation, based in san francisco, is a non-profit consortium that has overseen linux development since its inception in 2000. Also the finish born linus torvalds, who founded linux in 1991, is part of it. Open source, as opposed to proprietary software from certain companies, means that the source code of the software is made public so that everyone can contribute to it.

The report shows that more than 1000 developers contributed to the linux kernel last year. These are predominantly no longer dedicated students or independent hackers, but 75 percent software developers who work in a company. "The linux community is a global, professional network of the world’s best software talent," the report states. Every two to three months a new kernel version is released; the current one is linux 3.2.

Peres calls abbas a peace partner

In the presence of u.S. Secretary of state john kerry, peres said sunday at the world economic forum on the dead sea in jordan: "we must return to the negotiating table. They are our partner and we are theirs. He personally invited abbas to return to the negotiating table. "Dear friend president abbas," said peres, "let’s sit down together. You will be surprised how much can be achieved in direct talks".

Kerry also announced a four-billion-dollar (three-billion-euro) investment program in the west bank to improve the conditions for peace talks. "Investment in the economy and in peace can move (the peace process) forward," he said. According to unconfirmed media reports, kerry will present a framework plan for the resumption of peace talks in early june.

Peres, however, has predominantly only representative tasks. The policy is determined by minister-president benjamin netanyahu and his settler-friendly government. From there came prompt criticism of peres. He could not speak for the government, said the minister for strategic issues, juval steinitz. On sunday, tourism minister uzi landau even referred to the borders demanded by the palastinians for their desired state as the "auschwitz border".

The madonna of herzogenaurach returns

The carved mother of god above the entrance to the "apotheke am markt" had been missing for about 18 months. The wooden work of art was getting on in years and was in urgent need of restoration. The restorer erwin rosch, who comes from herzogenaurach and meanwhile lives in a part of scheblitz northeast of bamberg, had received the order from the house owner georgios halkias for the professional restoration and will restore the protective mantle madonna on saturday, 7. July, back to her ancestral place.
If it had been up to the herzogenaurach local history society, which supported the owner in his plans, the madonna would already have been dug down from the house at the corner of steinweg/kirchenplatz for the fronleichnams procession at the end of may. But because restorer rosch was busy with a variety of other work, including the restoration of artwork in bamberg cathedral, the reattachment of the virgin mary statue was delayed.
There are no exact details about who donated the statue of the virgin mary and when this was done. Irene lederer, responsible for the city museum and city archives, was only able to help insofar as she was able to locate the owners of the present kirchenplatz in the city’s records. In herzogenaurach, many older residents still remember that until the end of the 1970s, the "weiber hahn" pub was located in today’s pharmacy had persisted. In herzogenaurach, people jokingly referred to the company as the "black hen (the black hehna) and appreciated the excellent french cuisine of the landlady.

The third pharmacy

As for the history of the present, from the archival documents there is a long list of owners: in the oldest news there is talk of a new building from 1721, built by an A. M. (andreas menschel) commissioned the investigation. In 1784, a mrs. Maylaender (the maylaenderess) was the owner who sold the property to johann adler. From 1815 the property belonged to the magistrate philipp liedel and after his death it went to his widow barbara liedel. This was followed by georg michael fischer and his son georg, who built the house in the 50s/60s of the 19th century. However, he emigrated to the USA at the beginning of the twentieth century. Melchior and christoph staudigel lived in the house until 1924, when it was bought by lorenz derrfub.
In addition to the beyschlag pharmacy in the main street and the town pharmacy (at that time still hauptstrabe 42) finally years after the second world war pharmacist stehle opened here the third herzogenaurach pharmacy, before georgios halkias took over the pharmacy at the market.
During the course of saturday, the late baroque madonna will then descend from her original position in her new garb to the pits in front of her.

Bubgeld in traffic will increase

Speeders and other traffic offenders must be prepared for significantly higher fines in some cases. The federal cabinet formally took note of the resolution passed by the bundesrat in february.

This finally clears the way for a whole new set of traffic regulations. The aim of the amendment by transport minister andreas scheuer (CSU) was, among other things, to make it safer and more comfortable for cyclists to get through the city. It is not yet clear when the changes will come into effect – "in the near future", as a spokesman said on monday.

Even minor speeding violations can result in a one-month driving ban – 21 kilometers per hour more than permitted in built-up areas. Parking on sidewalks and bike paths can cost up to 100 euros, depending on the severity of the case. Stopping on so-called protective lanes for cyclists will be prohibited. Just like parking or stopping in second rows and on sidewalks and bike paths, it can even be punished with a point in the driver fitness register if others are hindered or endangered or if you park for more than an hour. Most people say "point in flensburg" to it.

For the first time, the city of bamberg could build its own kindergarten. The site for such a pioneering facility has already been chosen: it will be the ochsenanger in gaustadt.

Up to now, kindergartens in bamberg have only been run by independent providers on the basis of the subsidiarity principle. The reason for the departure from the previous practice: if the city or stadtbau gmbh were themselves the developers, the new places promised in the kindergarten offensive could be realized more quickly than is possible with a large number of contributors.

The impetus for this idea comes from the bamberg CSU faction. In a motion, helmut muller calls for the construction and furnishing of municipal kindergartens in bamberg to be reviewed by stadtbau and a city-owned foundation..

too exhausted: anna netrebko cancels bayreuth debut

The opera diva anna netrebko (47) canceled her debut at the bayreuth richard wagner festival at short notice.

"With great regret, anna netrebko is unfortunately forced to cancel the two "lohengrin" performances on 14. And 18. August exhaustion to cancel," the festspiele announced on monday. "Although her voice is not affected, she is following urgent medical advice to take a three-week break in order to be able to regenerate fully."

Netrebko was to sing elsa in the "lohengrin" production by director yuval sharon. It would have been her first appearance on the green sphere. The festival had been negotiating with netrebko about an engagement for a long time. The singer had made her debut in the role of elsa three years ago in dresden – under the baton of christian thielemann, with whom she was also to work in bayreuth.