France: Arrests during protests against security law

Dozens of protesters were arrested during the massive demonstrations against a controversial security law and police violence in france.

As the french news agency AFP reported sunday morning, citing the interior ministry, 81 people were taken into police custody. According to the report, a total of about 133.000 people took part in the protests on saturday. In paris alone there were 46.000 were injured. The organizers spoke of 500.000 demonstrators nationwide and 200.000 in the capital.

In the late afternoon, there were some clashes at the rally in paris. According to paris police, 23 law enforcement officers were injured in the incident. Nationwide, according to AFP, there were 62. France’s interior minister gerald darmanin condemned the violence on twitter. How many demonstrators were injured was still unclear at first. The director general of reporters without borders, christophe deloire, wrote on twitter of a journalist who was hit in the face with a club at the demonstration in paris. This police violence is unacceptable.

Peaceful change of power in senegal

Immediately after the first results became known, he admitted his defeat and congratulated his challenger on his victory. Internationally the course of the vote and the victory of sall were buried.

A spokesman for the foreign office said in berlin on monday that a peaceful transfer of power is still not a matter of course in africa. Free and fair elections and the acceptance of the result by all candidates showed the democratic maturity of the west african country. The federal republic will continue to be a reliable partner for senegal.

French president nicolas sarkozy congratulated sall, saying the west african country was "a model of democracy". He also praised the reaction of wade, who had admitted his defeat with was. The former french colony had become independent in 1960.

With the song "so klingt’s aus bohmen" the weisachtalers welcomed their visitors to the second bohemian evening on saturday evening in the hartlebsaal in maroldsweisach. Helmut beck led through the program. Katja meibner and willi hohmann sang "grub gott ihr freunde" to the sounds of the band (conducted by dimitry braudo)." The slow-rock for flugelhorn and trumpet by andy schreck was also performed, with peter seifert impressing as soloist on both instruments. In the following almost 20 pieces of music were performed and the weisachtaler did not escape the applause.

Rough career

The "fox pit polka presenter helmut beck took the opportunity to talk about ernst mosch, who started his career with bohemian folk and brass music in 1956 with this polka, among others. The weisachtaler had a special relationship to ernst mosch and his egerlander musicians, since he had given a guest performance with his egerlanders in maroldsweisach in july 1973. "Ernst mosch has presented bohemian brass music to a wide audience like no other", beck said. So there was also the waltz "pure joie de vivre" by kurt gable, the "sudbohemian polka" and "from friend to friend, before the weisachtaler rehearsal march was played, which, as helmut beck said, was composed by claus ziegler.

Ordered only indirectly by the district administrator

This rehearsal march came about because heidi hofmann from maroldsweisach once heard a district administrator in the allgau region tell kurt gable that he could compose a piece of music for the district. Heidi hofmann, when she moderated the first bohemian evening in 2017, asked if "our district administrator wilhelm schneider could not order a song from claus ziegler, who plays with the weisachtalers." This had caused laughter at the concert in 2017 and wilhelm schneider, who was present, had said: "we have to do something about this"." This in turn prompted claus ziegler to come up with an idea. He composed the "weisachtaler march", without really being ordered by the landrat. "It shouldn’t be that serious, claus ziegler thought, and also that one could take oneself, the weisachtaler, for a ride here", said presenter beck.

300 years from stone to stone

Hafenpreppach "hafenpreppach castle built around 1718 by joseph greising for the wurzburg prince bishop johann philipp von greiffenclau", reads a stone plaque on the gate of the castle in the maroldsweisach part of the community. Another round anniversary in the market’s roughly round jubilee year (900 years since it was first named; 250 years of market law). In fact, the original castle on the hill in hafenpreppach dates back to the 16th century. Century and stood in the possession of the stone to old stone. In the early 18. In the 19th century, however, it received its present baroque appearance.
In fact, such a representative wall is not built in a few months, but rather in years. And there is always a need for renovation and change there. Workers are once again busy renovating the manor house and, in a short time, restoring the orangery, which is part of the ensemble and is in a state of disrepair, as a small music hall. They do this on behalf of the new owners of the castle, the art collector and advisor ismail mukadam and the music lover and supporter henrik stein. Moment, stein? Haven’t we been through this before?? "Pure coincidence, the business economist waves it off; apart from the name, he has nothing to do with the former owners of the castle.
In 1664, one can read in history books, the estate came into the possession of the barons of greiffenclau, to whom the wurzburg prince bishop johann philipp von greiffenclau (1699 to 1719) also belonged. Several representative buildings in the region testify to his building activity. He also wants to rebuild and expand hafenpreppach castle.
It was one of his last rough works, as so often executed by his prince-bishop city and country architect joseph greissing, who is sometimes spelled with one, sometimes with two ‘s’.
The greiffenclau family held the castle until 1789. Afterwards, the plant changed owners several times. It came into the possession of a jewish banker, later a dutch widow, two german brothers and finally, from 1919, into the hands of the riehl family. When the last possible heir to the castle, helmut riehl, died as a soldier in the second world war, the entire property was transferred to a foundation named after him under the trusteeship of the bavarian red cross. After the war, the property was converted into a children’s home, where over 12,000 girls and boys are said to have found recreation in the following years. An annex, the so-called old castle, fell victim to the wrecking ball in 1960. Extensive renovation work on the building began in 1980. The owner of the foundation, the bavarian red cross, sold the castle to private investors in 1989.
Until 2016, the painter anton hoger had used the castle as a private residence, but two years ago the current owners took over the facility. They are sprucing up the historic wall, the park and adjacent buildings. The fountain house was also completely renovated by the new owners of the castle.
When asked about their plans, the two art lovers still keep a low profile. "The use will be more private, but music performances and art exhibitions as well as an ‘artist in residence’ concept will definitely be there.", says stein "further ideas not excluded". They stumbled upon the property in hafenpreppach by chance, the two frankfurters explain, "looking for a nice property in the region". Franconia suits them, not least for many years because of the wagner festival in bayreuth. "We feel very comfortable and welcome here", says stein "it’s a very nice community here in the village".
A celebration of the 300th anniversary. The castle hafenpreppach, however, will not exist. Yvonne beck, the anniversary representative of the market administration in maroldsweisach, knows nothing about this. For the time being, she is happy to have completed all the preparations for the 900th anniversary so well.

Young people wear old costumes

Who knows how much effort and love is needed so that the girls can dance around the net again on church monday in their beautiful costumes with their partners to the wind music at 6:00 p.M. Agnes meixner was primarily responsible for this, and she meticulously took care of the dressing.
The FT visited the friendly and rustic 82-year-old to learn more about her hobby. Their daily dress is still the traditional costume. "20 years ago my son michael and his wife georgine revived the old dance tradition and took an active part in it. He had been out for a few years and promptly they won the net as a young couple", she tells. Since then, preparations have focused on this event every year in the house of meixner.
"I have kept everything from my chamber wagon, and now it is needed", says the 82-year-old. Admittedly, they had to improvise at one point or another. And anyway, nowadays the boys are all so dark that the bodice, also called the body, has to be sewn in to make it fit.
The build up to the dressing is always admirable. She makes her petticoats out of white linen cloths. A second, thick and woolen petticoat comes over it. So that the festrock "bollert" then, as agnes says in french, and by that she means the frock coat should be on. It must not be too dark against the figure.
"My bridal skirt is still my festive skirt, I’ll give it away for that too". She still has seven skirts in her wardrobe, the rest she is organizing and has helpful experts in the family.
In mittelehrenbach, 83-year-old theresia meixner is the only other wearer of traditional costumes in everyday life, so a picture-perfect, colorful outfit is slowly dying out. It is all the more important that people like daughter-in-law georgine lend a hand.
Eleven girls to be dressed this year. The obligatory colorful silk shawl is partially replaced by the traditional costume’s fringes. Silk has the problem of breaking with age. The expensive silk cloths are not possible to get elsewhere. No one gives them away.

brass band music - sometimes concertante sometimes in big band style

Tomorrow, saturday, the ebensfeld music association invites all music lovers from near and far to one of the cultural highlights of the year. Every year at the beginning of november, the two orchestras of the music association, the school orchestra and the wind orchestra, present wind music of the finest quality in the ebensfeld triple gymnasium, which is ideally suited for concert events.
In order to rehearse a demanding program, the ebensfelders traditionally go to a youth hostel for a "training camp", i.E. A weekend of rehearsals. This year the musicians spent a weekend in the very nice youth hostel wirsberg with intensive practicing, but of course also with a lot of fun, especially in the evenings. Conductor reinhold was strongly supported by experienced music teachers who led the register rehearsals. The ebensfeld team will be well prepared on saturday from 19.30 o'clock a really aubergewohnliches program offer, which reaches from konzertanter blowing music over traditional pieces up to the big band sound and with several pieces also still singing is accompanied. As always, admission is free, donations will certainly not be refused. However, the young musicians are most pleased about numerous visitors and a powerful applause.