State Office for Health in erlangen celebrates topping-out ceremony

The headquarters of one of the most important consumer protection agencies is hidden away in the so-called brucker lache in erlangen. The bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL) has no iron to hoe. Eggs contaminated with fipronil, bird flu, epidemics in carp or domestic rabbits – these and many other things are being investigated by the scientists and laboratory technicians at the LGL.

On thursday, the topping-out ceremony took place for the so-called replacement building, which will cost 26.1 million euros. Completion of the light-flooded building with passive house standard and photovoltaics, which will serve as an administrative building, is planned for march 2019. Then the old building from 1972 will also be demolished.

Ms. Gabriele gunzelmann, head of structural engineering at the state building authority, had invited us to the event. Interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU), state minister for the environment and consumer protection ulrike scharf (CSU), the second mayor of erlangen, susanne lenders-cassens (grune), president of the LGL, andreas zapf, member of the bundestag martina stamm-fibich (SPD), and many more guests came.

Amazon must improve corona protection

According to a court order, amazon should limit itself to orders for food, hygiene and medical products in france.

The online retailer failed to adequately meet its obligations to protect the health and safety of employees in its logistics centers during the coronavirus crisis, the court in the paris suburb of nanterre declared.

Amazon must now conduct a risk assessment at all warehouses and make necessary health and safety inspections.

Finzel's emotional incendiary speech

Stefan finzel is furious. Enraged, the major sponsor storms onto the pitch and calls his players together. After the 0:3 defeat at the hands of lichtenfels, they wanted to creep into the catacombs with their heads down, as they have done so often in this preliminary round. But ozdemir, bohnlein, engelmann& co. Have reckoned without their "boss made. The financial backer uses clear words to tell his national league players what he thinks of their performance. Finzel even speaks of refusal to work and damage to the reputation of the club and his company.

Incendiary speech bears fruit

It was a remarkable performance with initial recognition, because the incendiary speech fulfilled its purpose – at least in the short term. On the following saturday, the promoted team, which until then had been ten points adrift in last place in the preliminary round of group A of the northwestern league, presented itself as if it had changed. Plotz combined carl, autsch, heidenreich, bergmann& co. Just as the ebersdorf officials had hoped from the start of the season. They hit the mark eight times at SV euerbach. At an opponent, for whom it was all or nothing, i.E. About reaching the promotion round.

Students and schoolchildren to receive significantly more bafog as of mid-2019. The federal government plans to spend more than 1.8 billion euros on a corresponding reform by 2022. This is the result of a draft law by education minister anja karliczek (CDU), which was made available to the german press agency in berlin. The plans are the subject of a hearing of associations at the federal education ministry in berlin this friday. Critics say they are not ambitious enough.

The maximum rate of the total demand is to rise from 735 euros in two stages from the winter semester of 2019 to a total of around 850 euros by 2020. Students who do not live with their parents and who have their own health insurance will receive it.

Federal government – this is the planned reform

The increase is made up of three components: the basic allowance is to rise by five percent and then by another two percent. The housing supplement is to be raised disproportionately – from 250 to 325 euros for students who do not live with their parents. Health and long-term care insurance premiums are also to increase.

Study: bird flu more widespread than thought

U.S. Researchers write this after reviewing 20 studies in the journal science. Taia T. Wang and peter palese of the mount sinai school of medicine in new york (USA) question the WHO criteria for detecting infection with the pathogen. These may have taken into account only severe cases of bird flu, in which patients end up in hospital and have a poorer prognosis of surviving the disease.

In the new evaluation, an estimated one to two percent of more than 12,500 study participants had evidence of a previous avian flu infection in the blood. On the whole, they showed no symptoms of respiratory or febrile illness beforehand, write wang and palese.

According to the "science" authors, the avian flu viruses are most prevalent in people and birds in poorer areas where health care is scarce. They theorize that many people with the infection are not screened and it cannot be confirmed. In addition, people with traces of bird flu infection in their blood often reported that they did not have flu-like symptoms, wang and colleagues say. Mild cases were not taken into account by the WHO.

The local SPD association of bamberg-east-gartenstadt-kramersfeld now has a dual leadership, following the example of berlin. On the occasion of the annual general meeting new elections were held. Ernst trebin was confirmed as chairman again, but he is now assisted by marie-madelaine eklund, a 25-year-old political science student who has already gained plenty of experience in party politics as parliamentary secretary of the bamberg SPD. Peter sub and roswitha sporl, both from kramersfeld, were elected as deputies. Further to the board remain johannes miekisch as schriftfuhrer and gerald fenn as kassenwart (both gartenstadt).

Trebin thanked the previous executive committee and the committed members for their cooperation, especially district councilors heinz kuntke and peter sub, and mentioned in his annual review a steady increase to currently 101 members.

The old new chairman recalled the activities of the year that was coming to an end, from the participation in the petition for a referendum for the preservation of biodiversity to the campaign campaigns for this year’s european elections, from proposals for equipping the pestalozziheim area with sports equipment and for the development of the golf course as a potentially very attractive recreational area for the people of gartenstadt to lively discussions on social, environmental and health policy.

Strullendorf – FC strullendorf has written a thick chapter in the history of the club in the past season of the fubball-landesliga nordost. Under the coaches mario herrmannsdorfer and rene finnemann the strullendorfer missed as table last (25 points, 44:73 goals) the class preservation clearly. Now there is to be a new beginning in the district class.
Sports director richard rodel takes stock: "we started the series with the goal of staying in the league. We clearly missed this target, which is why we are naturally all disappointed. The squad was put together according to the ideas of the two coaches. He was in any case suitable for the national league." But the season stood from the beginning under an unlucky star. Rene finnemann, who was supposed to drive the team with his routine, suffered a serious knee injury in the cup match against memmelsdorf and was out for almost the entire round. In addition, manuel ostriz and tobias mirror. Then daniel probst also withdrew due to injury and professional commitment back. Sven wenzel injured his head badly and dominik oppelt had health problems. Therefore the FCS engaged philipp and heiko felsheim afterwards. Coach herrmannsdorfer helped out as a player.
The lack of injuries contributed to the fact that the team never found a real unity. So the sporting success was missing, although relatively many games were always lost with only one goal difference. Rodel: "so we were to be found from the beginning always in the table cellar, which gnawed naturally at the morale. We achieved respectable successes, such as the draw with the promoted team in neudrossenfeld, the away victories in vach and pegnitz and, above all, the convincing home victory over our neighbors pettstadt. But all in all we just didn't score enough."
The important first game after the winter break against our rivals burgkunstadt was supposed to be won, but it was only enough for a 2-2 draw. There followed another draw at derghaspor nurnberg. But then there were the games against the top teams "which we all lost", so rodel. "Here, however, we also had to bring in points, but it lacked before the goal simply the kaltschnauzigkeit." In addition, the squad was depleted by new long-term injuries. The goals came from stefan karl, maximilian vetter and david kroak. "In the last eight games we even had to rely on substitutes from the second team in order to be able to play with eleven players", explains the sports director. "We couldn't use any regular players from our reserve team, because this team still needed points to stay in the league. Thus the relegation became apparent early on, and even the surprise victory in burgkunstadt did nothing to change that."
With a complete squad the FCS had realized the class preservation, is rodel sure. In the decisive moments have the team a "real leader", a pronounced goal scorer was missing. Rodel: "relegation is always bitter, especially since the squad is scattering to the four winds. We responsible persons must look however forward and convert our intention, the new start, into the act. Our first team will start in the new series in the district class. We are again relying primarily on our own players."
The club must be restored to health and put on a new footing. "We hope for our members, supporters, advertising partners and sponsors", means rodel. "We are sure to make the right step in the right direction." In the last few years, no one had really noticed the landesliga anymore. This starts with the number of spectators and continues with the number of visitors to the sports home. Rodel: "in addition, due to the ever-increasing demands of the BFV, cooperation in the club leaves a lot to be desired, not to mention the annual financial adventure. It should not be the playing class that is decisive, but the continued existence of the club."