Swing bridges the planning period

"I was shocked myself that so much had already been taken down", says mayor michael kastl (CSU). Some equipment on the playground in jorgentorpark had to be removed for safety reasons and should actually be replaced quickly. But because a whole leisure park is now to be created, corresponding planning is necessary, which takes time. In times of corona, when many people don’t go on vacation, it is especially important to have attractive playgrounds, says the mayor. Now he has tested the swing combination together with his children mia, simon and marie.

In the last few years, the city has had several playgrounds in the city area renovated and also purchased new playground equipment. This was supposed to have happened in jorgentorpark, but first there were discussions in the old city council about the material of the play gates. So close to the old town, some councillors wanted wood rather than recycled plastic. During this discussion the idea came up to not only redesign the playground but to include the whole green belt along the city wall between the jorgentor and the skater place at the lache. This was also subsidized within the framework of the "stadtumbau west" program.

During an on-site meeting, michael kastl briefly explained to the city council members the necessity of purchasing an additional play set. "The only problem was that the manufacturers and distributors of the playground equipment have very long delivery times", he says. In times of corona they are obviously in great demand. Only the company westfalia, which has also equipped other playgrounds in the city, was able to deliver within six weeks. "It was important to me that the swing set be built during the vacations," says the mayor, says the mayor. At the beginning of last week the construction team of the city put the combination in place. It cost 6000 euros.

Absolute ban on visitors – as it says on the notice at the entrance to the "am staffelberg" residential and nursing home of the bavarian red cross. A last reminder, should the tightened mabnahmen, which the bavarian government on 13. Marz may have passed someone by. According to the experts, the risk of a severe course of corona disease increases significantly from the age of 60 at the latest. A weaker immune system and pre-existing conditions can be life-threatening. The death traps in germany so far can be attributed to a large extent to this group.

The example of wurzburg has shown where an infection in a retirement home can lead to. In one home, more than half of the 120 residents have tested positive, and there have already been 13 deaths. Another wurzburg facility also reported several corona traps and one death only a few days ago.

And so the residents have to stay outside for the time being. Loneliness now spreading in the BRK home in bad staffelstein? "I don’t feel lonely, says 85-year-old anton hetzel, senior of the frauendorfer brewery. It’s a pity that the usual visits are not taking place at the moment, she says, "but there is still the telephone."

Greek islands threatened by

In view of the spread of the coronavirus, the expert council of german foundations for integration and migration (SVR) warns of a "humanitarian catastrophe" on the greek islands.

Germany and other european states should accept people in need of protection from greece as a "coalition of the willing", the SVR demands in a position paper on the reform of european asylum policy, which has been faltering for years. This threatens to be "completely overshadowed by the corona pandemic". EU commission to present its new proposals after easter.

"After the developments on the greek-turkish border, it is to be feared that european migration and asylum policy will in the foreseeable future once again be confronted with escalations for which it has so far not been sufficiently prepared structurally," the SVR writes. Migrants had gathered there in recent weeks after the turkish government declared that the border to greece was open. Greek security forces repelled the people, sometimes violently.

Shortly before the social distance was imposed on the people because of the corona crisis, the people from the underleichach region implemented a special community project. In several work assignments, the space in front of the two stores at the intersection was repaved to make it barrier-free. The coarse granite paving with its wide joints was replaced by concrete paving that is easy to walk on. Many volunteers, supported by donors and the municipality of oberaurach, lent a hand.

When village renewal began in unterschleichach more than 25 years ago, the central squares were paved with granite stones; it was only later that people became more aware of the need for barrier-free access. Complaints about the pavement in front of the butcher’s store, flower store and post office, which was very difficult to walk on, became louder and louder in unterschleichach. The wheels of walkers got wedged in the wide joints and even young people had to be careful not to painfully twist their ankles.

When the new board of directors of the association for village development and home maintenance was elected last year, a first project crystallized right away: finally making the village square in front of the stores barrier-free. The mayor of the village, thomas sechser, was open to the idea by the chairmen peter ullrich and sabine weinbeer. It was quickly agreed that the municipality would bear the material costs and the club would take care of coordinating the work itself.