A whirlwind in the west, heavy rain in the east – severe storms have hit large parts of australia.

Tropical cyclone "damien" reached the northern coastal region of western australia on saturday with "very destructive winds" and isolated gusts with wind speeds of 205 kilometers per hour, according to weather officials.

The storm of strong three, which brought heavy rainfall, but should weaken on its way inland, it continued to blow. The agency warned residents of some coastal towns of high waves and heavy flooding.

Within the framework of the kiskunhala wine harvest festival, which was held for the 40th time this year, the. The 25th anniversary of the town twinning between kronach and its hungarian twin town was also celebrated.

A large delegation from kronach with mayor wolfgang beiergroblein and city councilors heinz hausmann, wolfgang hummer and edgar dunst in the lead was accompanied by the kronach youth orchestra, a delegation of the kronach civic defense force and other eager supporters of the city partnership idea, including mayor a. D. Manfred raum with his wife. They all traveled to kiskunhalas to celebrate this special anniversary in style. A varied program awaited the people of kronach.

In his speech on the main stage of the weinlesefest, mayor beiergroblein referred to the origins of the city partnership between kronach and kiskunhalas. The then mayors zoltan toth and manfred raum were the ones who laid the foundation for the friendship between the two municipalities 25 years ago. But even during his own time in office, it had been an important matter of conviction for him to support and demand the city partnership and to get actively involved himself, said the acting head of the city of kronach.

Hochstadt in a completely different light

When the city of hochstadt burns off its coarse cultural fireworks at the end of july/beginning of august, the people of hochstadt and their guests will be in a state of blackness, especially at night. Along the culture mile, the city will present itself in a completely new light from the kellerberg to the fortuna culture factory.
Lecturer michael muller from the coburg university of applied sciences and a team of five students want to show how a city can be put in the right light without using conventional street lighting.

Impressive examples

In its most recent meeting, the city council commissioned muller and his team to illuminate hochstadt’s cultural mile – initially for a limited period of time from probably 3. Until 12. August. Susanne gabler of the fortuna kulturfabrik demonstrated to the city council members what this could look like with a series of impressive photos of objects that muller had already staged.

But it doesn’t have to remain with the temporary illumination in hochstadt. The city councilors agreed to see the culture mile as a dress rehearsal for a permanent illumination of the city center. The idea of switching off the conventional street lighting and illuminating certain objects to bring sufficient light to the streets and walkways was well received.

Heil: Coalition wants to make it easier to receive short-time benefits

Because of the coronavirus crisis, the grand coalition wants to quickly lower the hurdles for receiving short-time benefits, according to federal labor minister hubertus heil.

In view of the economic consequences of the epidemic, "all extended instruments for short-time work" were made possible this wednesday in the federal cabinet, the SPD politician announced on twitter. "To this end, the draft for the work-of-tomorrow law will be amended."This is in the interest of the employees and the companies.

The coalition leaders of the CDU/CSU and the SPD met on sunday evening in the chancellor’s office in the coalition committee to discuss, among other things, the consequences of the spread of the coronavirus on the economy. This also involved the short-time allowance. The meeting continued late in the evening.

France: Arrests during protests against security law

Dozens of protesters were arrested during the massive demonstrations against a controversial security law and police violence in france.

As the french news agency AFP reported sunday morning, citing the interior ministry, 81 people were taken into police custody. According to the report, a total of about 133.000 people took part in the protests on saturday. In paris alone there were 46.000 were injured. The organizers spoke of 500.000 demonstrators nationwide and 200.000 in the capital.

In the late afternoon, there were some clashes at the rally in paris. According to paris police, 23 law enforcement officers were injured in the incident. Nationwide, according to AFP, there were 62. France’s interior minister gerald darmanin condemned the violence on twitter. How many demonstrators were injured was still unclear at first. The director general of reporters without borders, christophe deloire, wrote on twitter of a journalist who was hit in the face with a club at the demonstration in paris. This police violence is unacceptable.

new ebelsbach player-coach harald kaiser wants to see '90 minutes at full throttle

Coach, player-coach, coach, now again player-coach: after norbert hiller, patrick reuter and most recently peter grobe, the new sporting director at SV ebelsbach since this season is harald kaiser.
For the last three years, the 31-year-old real estate agent was active at and for TSV kirchaich. But it wasn’t the fact that he missed out on promotion to the district league twice that tipped the scales in favor of leaving the steigerwald region. “As a coach, even if things are going very well on a personal level, you always want to take the next step and get to know other clubs, he emphasizes.
For his sporting career as a player-coach, the family father is convinced that the change is "definitely a step in the right direction again." But his goal with ebelsbach sounds rather modest. Fur harald kaiser, who after his youth time at TSV burgebrach, FC eintracht bamberg and even the 1. FC nurnberg (A-youth) as well as for the 1. FC bamberg, TSV burgebrach and TSV kirchaich, it would be great if we could play a decent season in the district league and finish in the middle or top third of the league."
In order for this intention to be reflected in the standings at the end of may 2018, the team – in line with his understanding of football – should always try to give full throttle for 90 minutes in order to take home the three points at the end of the day. Fubball is a great team sport. It depends on every player to function as a team", the 31-year-old makes clear. Harald kaiser is still in the prime of his football career. That’s why he has "no thoughts" about his future yet made. He calls it "luck, not to have to complain about any serious injuries. "Because of this", he says "i will stay in the active field as long as my body shows me green light."
After his active time, which according to the current state of affairs will last for a few more years, he "would like to stay in the adult and performance area as a coach. Here it is really fun to work with young, dynamic people who want to succeed."
So far kaiser in kirchaich had this luck. "I think it will continue here after the first impressions", he is optimistic.
All in all, in his opinion, amateur sports in the district are very well positioned. Most clubs are equipped with decent fubball courts." The most important basis for him "spab am fubball" to have a good reason for leaving is therefore a given. The organization with the bavarian football association (BEV) and especially the district of lower franconia is also described by the attacker as "fruitful". The amateur sport in the hobby area can therefore also be designed to bring football into harmony with the other areas of everyday life.

N-ergie aktiengesellschaft continues to focus on photovoltaics in the expansion of renewable energies: since november 2019, it has been building a new solar power plant in mainbernheim with an output of 3.4 megawatts peak. According to the company’s press release, the last modules are currently being assembled, and operations are scheduled to begin as early as this summer.

The new plant is the second construction phase of the photovoltaic project in mainbernheim: in march 2019, N-energy already put a smaller block with 749 kilowatt peak into operation a little further to the east. "The development of renewable energies is an essential prerequisite for the achievement of the climate goals". N-ERGIE is therefore constantly expanding its own photovoltaic portfolio and coordinating closely with the respective municipalities," says rainer kleedorfer, authorized signatory and head of corporate development at N-ergie.

The new PV power plant covers an area of 5.8 hectares. Like the existing smaller plant, it was built on a 110-meter-wide strip along the nurnberg-wurzburg rail line. Around 8400 modules are used, which together account for around 3,640,000 euros? Kilowatt hours (kwh) per year and thus produce electricity for a good 1000 households.

More than 1000 signatures for reduced building area in eggolsheim

A folder with more than 1,000 signatures has been collected by the initiators of the young burgers’ citizen petition. You want the planned schirnaidler strabe development in eggolsheim not to build on the entire flat area, but to preserve the area where the old fruit trees are located.

The citizens’ petition "housing creation in the eggolsheim market in harmony with nature and the countryside" wants to achieve that the previous planning is revised. Mayor claus schwarzmann (BB) accepted the lists before the meeting of the market town council and then read out the letter from one of the affected landowners. While the initiators of the citizens’ petition want to remove his plot of land from the development plan, he explained that the agriculturally used plot of land is not a meadow orchard in the sense of the bavarian nature conservation law. Currently, only a few fruit trees are standing on the flat area, which is also used as a firewood storage area. In addition, the owner’s family wanted to use part of the future designated building land as a building plot itself.

The market town councils took note of both the signatures and the owner’s declaration and will discuss the matter in detail at one of the next meetings.

Peaceful change of power in senegal

Immediately after the first results became known, he admitted his defeat and congratulated his challenger on his victory. Internationally the course of the vote and the victory of sall were buried.

A spokesman for the foreign office said in berlin on monday that a peaceful transfer of power is still not a matter of course in africa. Free and fair elections and the acceptance of the result by all candidates showed the democratic maturity of the west african country. The federal republic will continue to be a reliable partner for senegal.

French president nicolas sarkozy congratulated sall, saying the west african country was "a model of democracy". He also praised the reaction of wade, who had admitted his defeat with was. The former french colony had become independent in 1960.

Pool oases in the middle of forchheimer land

The water in the pool shimmers in the sun. Palm fronds sway in the wind. Wicker chairs with blood-white cushions wait at the edge of the pool. "Caribbean?", THINK. "Gran canaria perhaps!" By no means. Such dreamlike pool oases can also be found in the middle of forchheimer land. At birgit’s home in buckenhofen, for example. "The view is already grandiose", tells the proud owner in the white bikini. Especially at night, when the lights in the house and garden glow, the atmosphere is magical, he said.

The house in front of the pool is also a sign of style and taste. But the azure blue water gives the whole ensemble just that certain something. The chic.

A pool for generations