Things are getting restless in the wine town

Things are getting restless in the wine town

Despite the more than limited financial situation of the municipality of seinsheim, mayor heinz dorsch did not lose his smile, even if it became increasingly desperate during the course of the town hall meeting in tiefenstockheim.

The municipal council had already given a lot of thought to the expansion of weinbergsstrabe and bachgasse. In particular, the entrance to weinbergsstrabe near the cemetery is to be given a new face. How the road is to run in the future was painted in color on the asphalt by the municipality last year in time for all saints’ day.

The expected or hoped-for response was largely absent. At the beginning nothing came, then two women had complained to him about it. Now things seem to be getting restless in the tranquil wine town, as it spurs itself and as was then also voiced in the burgers’ meeting. The main criticism of those who wanted to leave it as it is was that parking space was being lost directly in front of the entrance to the cemetery, especially since it was green everywhere and there was no need for another green area in front of the cemetery. The argument of mayor dorsch that there is enough parking space ten meters away was wiped out.

And the mayor had to be told that he would certainly not have to carry flowers to the cemetery. The municipality must also consider the width of the agricultural vehicles that use this road. But the community, residents and citizens still have plenty of time to think about it. The possible extension of the road, in which the seinsheim 3 community is playing a leading role, will not take place this year. The reason is simple: the parish has no money.

This was also reflected in the few projects in 2011 and in those for 2012. "We are trying to do what we can," said dorsch, who was cautiously optimistic despite the situation: "it’s already going ahead!"The new budget will contain compulsory tasks, it has long since had nothing to do with a wish concert. Because even the "lottery win", the need allocations from a pilot project, had come to an end. But consolidation continues.

This year, the municipal council will discuss wind energy and photovoltaic systems, knowing full well that "it will probably take ten years before we know whether we did the right thing or the wrong thing," admitted dorsch. Also in the meeting straight the photovoltaic plants were not uncritically seen, nevertheless often also good arable land is lost. "We’ll have energy, but nothing to eat," said one burger.

The landscape was changing due to renewable forms of energy, especially the coarse biogas plant in gollhofen. In this context, dorsch made it unmistakably clear that they would not tolerate the rough corn transport vehicles on agricultural roads. That is commercial.

The mayor asked her to inform him immediately if something was wrong. If he doesn’t know about it, he can’t act, whether it’s overflowing cesspools, burning mulch, keeping it in an unauthorized barn, or anything else that came up at the castle meeting. Taking photos is also good, advised dorsch.

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