Strong in the verlangerung

BG litzendorf’s regional league women’s basketball team got off to a successful start in the new year. Against the second team of TSV nordlingen, the team of coach uwe duckarm managed a razor-thin 60:57 home victory – once again after verlangerung.
The hostesses started very restrained, only twelve points stood after the first play section on the have side. However, the defense was somewhat stable, so that the gap was only five points and we remained within striking distance. The second quarter was a similar, balanced picture (halftime 26:29).
In the second half, an open, very exciting exchange of blows developed, with the guests always slightly in front (38:39 after the third quarter). In the last quarter, the home team managed to build up a small lead thanks to the switch to a full-court press defense. But nordlingen countered promptly and levelled the score at 50:50 shortly before the end. The last attack of the litzendorferinnen ran into the empty and so it hit – as so often in this season – verlangerung.

Ruckspiel already on sunday

Here the "pirates", who have meanwhile been tried and tested in the extra shift, had a good time then once again the longer breath and defeated the never giving up nordlingerinnen at the end narrowly. The girls from dietsv have the opportunity to take revenge next weekend. Due to postponements of the match, the return match in nordlingen is scheduled for 14. January next on the agenda. Cr
BG litzendorf: dorberth (18), vogel (17), duckarm (9), goller (5), malcharczyk (5), ferguson (2), knoblach (2), rockmann (2), kestler

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