Storms hit australia

A whirlwind in the west, heavy rain in the east – severe storms have hit large parts of australia.

Tropical cyclone "damien" reached the northern coastal region of western australia on saturday with "very destructive winds" and isolated gusts with wind speeds of 205 kilometers per hour, according to weather officials.

The storm of strong three, which brought heavy rainfall, but should weaken on its way inland, it continued to blow. The agency warned residents of some coastal towns of high waves and heavy flooding.

Meanwhile, in the southern part of the same state, which makes up the western third of the country, a brush fire raged out of control, according to the state fire marshal’s office. The authorities issued an emergency warning for the katanning region.

Unusually heavy rainfall and strong winds led to flooding in the eastern states of new south wales and queensland, which have been suffering from forest fires for months. Some areas of new south wales received up to 300 millimeters of rain in 48 hours. Sydney, the state capital, has received around 150 millimeters of precipitation since last thursday, according to the weather authority.

"We may not have seen anything like this since the late 1990s," said the department’s duty chief, jane golding. Disaster control warned of floods in some areas.

Nevertheless, according to their own statements, the firefighters can tolerate even more rain in places. "We need a bit more in the south and southeast of the state where fires are still burning," a spokesman for the fire department in new south wales told the german press agency. "The whole state has been waiting for rain". We are looking forward to the rain – no matter in what quantity."

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