State office for health in erlangen celebrates topping-out ceremony

State Office for Health in erlangen celebrates topping-out ceremony

The headquarters of one of the most important consumer protection agencies is hidden away in the so-called brucker lache in erlangen. The bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL) has no iron to hoe. Eggs contaminated with fipronil, bird flu, epidemics in carp or domestic rabbits – these and many other things are being investigated by the scientists and laboratory technicians at the LGL.

On thursday, the topping-out ceremony took place for the so-called replacement building, which will cost 26.1 million euros. Completion of the light-flooded building with passive house standard and photovoltaics, which will serve as an administrative building, is planned for march 2019. Then the old building from 1972 will also be demolished.

Ms. Gabriele gunzelmann, head of structural engineering at the state building authority, had invited us to the event. Interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU), state minister for the environment and consumer protection ulrike scharf (CSU), the second mayor of erlangen, susanne lenders-cassens (grune), president of the LGL, andreas zapf, member of the bundestag martina stamm-fibich (SPD), and many more guests came.

During the festive speech, herrmann confided to the guests that he did not know on wednesday whether he would be able to make it to the topping-out ceremony, but he drove all night from berlin to erlangen to make the appointment. "Nowhere is safe from me!" He joked.

The optimal location

He also emphasized very clearly to scharf that erlangen, the university and medical city, was the optimal location for the authority. Scharf was happy to take up the ball that herrmann had passed to her, and responded with a wink: "yes, nowhere is safe from you, and I can reassure you that the LGL will not be relocated!".

After an equally humorous topping-out speech by zollnhofer alluding to finance minister markus soder (CSU), who has to bear the costs of the building, herrmann disappeared back to berlin, not without wishing that he could also be present at the inauguration of the building in 2019.

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