Pool oases in the middle of forchheimer land

Pool oases in the middle of forchheimer land

The water in the pool shimmers in the sun. Palm fronds sway in the wind. Wicker chairs with blood-white cushions wait at the edge of the pool. "Caribbean?", THINK. "Gran canaria perhaps!" By no means. Such dreamlike pool oases can also be found in the middle of forchheimer land. At birgit’s home in buckenhofen, for example. "The view is already grandiose", tells the proud owner in the white bikini. Especially at night, when the lights in the house and garden glow, the atmosphere is magical, he said.

The house in front of the pool is also a sign of style and taste. But the azure blue water gives the whole ensemble just that certain something. The chic.

A pool for generations

many house builders dream of this luxury. Vacations forever in your own garden. "More and more people are building a pool, says jurgen dotterweich, who sells swimming pool supplies in forchheim. The reason for this is the relatively good price-performance ratio. Admittedly, the thing is still not quite cheap. But moon prices no longer had to be paid. Around 20.Today, everyone who wants to plunge into the floods in their own garden has to pay an average of 000 euros. A third is spent on earthworks alone. The rest must be invested in pools and technology. But the trend is clearly towards exclusive pool landscapes.

Heinrich steeger in muggendorf "invested" in its pool 25 years ago. However, he has not put nearly as much money in his hand. Nevertheless, the 33-square-meter pool is fit for purpose. Generations have learned to swim here.

Five-year-old alina is busy swimming right now. "With this heat, you can only stand it in the water", says the little one and the whole family laughs. "The water is 29 degrees. That’s ideal for the children", says inge steeger, alina’s urgrobmama. Even european heinrich is proud of his water rats. He has never had any problems with his pool in all these years. Once a new foil – nothing else. Meanwhile, yannick is hopping into the water with swimming flukes and fins. "I can dive already", the three-year-old says proudly.

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