Peaceful change of power in senegal

Peaceful change of power in senegal

Immediately after the first results became known, he admitted his defeat and congratulated his challenger on his victory. Internationally the course of the vote and the victory of sall were buried.

A spokesman for the foreign office said in berlin on monday that a peaceful transfer of power is still not a matter of course in africa. Free and fair elections and the acceptance of the result by all candidates showed the democratic maturity of the west african country. The federal republic will continue to be a reliable partner for senegal.

French president nicolas sarkozy congratulated sall, saying the west african country was "a model of democracy". He also praised the reaction of wade, who had admitted his defeat with was. The former french colony had become independent in 1960.

"Victory for the senegalese people!", headlined the newspaper "walf fadjiri" on monday. The writer mamadou thiam said: "wade played the only card that allowed him to leave through the door and not through the window of the past."

The winner of the election spoke to the nation during the night and was celebrated by his supporters in the capital dakar. "Tonight, a new ara begins in senegal," he declared. "Together we will set to work and begin what is expected of all and for all, for senegal and for africa."

Sall, who worked as a geologist in the mining industry before entering politics 19 years ago, will become senegal’s fourth president. On 1. April he will take the oath of office. His wife mareme is the first first lady born in senegal. Wade and his officemates were married to french women, who later took on senegalese citizenship.

In the first round of voting at the end of february, no candidate had received an absolute majority. Sall was subsequently supported by the other opposition candidates and world music star youssou N’dour. During the election campaign, he had advertised that he would work for more jobs in rural areas and against rising food prices.

Wade’s candidacy, on the other hand, was controversial from the start, as he was not allowed to run again after two terms, according to the constitution. But the supreme court had found a legal loophole for the president. Since he had been elected head of state for the first time in april 2000, one year before the new constitution was adopted, he was allowed to run again. The campaign was overshadowed by violent protests in which several people died.

In addition, the non-admission of youssou N’dour had caused displeasure in the run-up to the ballot. The popular musician ("seven seconds") had allegedly failed to garner enough support to run as a presidential candidate. N’dour announced a free concert in honor of sall in dakar.

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