Old acquaintance returns to ac lichtenfels as hopeful

old acquaintance returns to ac lichtenfels as hopeful

The german wrestling league (DRL) has announced that it will pause its league operations in 2020. Under the umbrella of the german wrestling federation (DRB), the first state federations are considering suspending the season. North rhine-westphalia already announced it would not resume operations at the state level until 2021. At present, it is far from certain that AC lichtenfels will be able to start its eighth bundesliga season in october as planned.

2012 as a huge talent to the ACL

When the bundesliga should start, a wrestler will wear the ACL jersey he had already put on in 2012 – tim muller. Muller came to obermain as a 20-year-old talent, and has competed 30 times for the ACL – most of them victorious. In the course of the two years in lichtenfels, muller made a name for himself on the obermain. He won more than two-thirds of his fights before he left lichtenfels for ispringen in the 2014 season. There he fought his way into the semifinals of the german championship with KSV, and later also with ASV mainz. Muller considers winning the german championship in 2017 to be a milestone in his individual sporting career, when "after a long break and many, many hurdles" he was able to win the title after becoming german champion of the manner again in 2015.

Wrestling genes present

Muller was formally born to wrestle. His father was already on the mat. Cousin dieter schwind, a european and world champion, was a sporting role model for the youngster while he was gaining his first experience as a wrestler. At that time, the native of aschaffenburg was still on the mat for hosbach and developed there into a promising talent, which also attracted the attention of AC lichtenfels. However, it was to take some time from the first contact to the change. The decisive factor was finally simon pilzweger (2009 to 2014 at the ACL) "who guided me a bit there", muller remembers the decision to move to lichtenfels. Two successful years later, it was clear to the now 22-year-old muller that he would not be able to make the weight of 66 kilograms for another season. A move to the 74-kilo class was inevitable. However, pilzweger was at home in this one. Muller, who did not want to be a rival for his friend, therefore decided to accept the offer of KSV ispringen.

His brother-in-law is tobias schutz

The contact to lichtenfels has never completely broken off, only because of his brother-in-law, the ACL-legendary tobias schutz. After the ACL’s promotion to the bundesliga in 2018, he was already toying with a change, admits muller. The comeback became really concrete in december, with a call from ACL team leader heiko scherer. "I knew then that if I was allowed to wrestle again, it would be lichtenfels." There were also offers from other clubs.

Doping ban lifted

The uncertainty that threatened this scenario at the time was muller’s doping ban. In december 2018, the wrestler tested positive after a fight for mainz and was suspended by the national anti-doping agency (nada) in april 2019. According to reports, it was addictive substances and not performance-enhancing drugs that muller is said to have taken.

With "private problems the aschaffenburg native had to fight in this phase of his life. The lockout will expire soon. After the now 28-year-old had reorganized his private life and found a new sporting challenge in lichtenfels, the change presented itself in many respects.

Crowd favorite

"Timmy is not only an old acquaintance, but also a friend and an absolute favorite of the public", the ACL team managers heiko scherer and daniel luptowicz are pleased. "We want to give him the opportunity to start again from scratch."

What he likes about lichtenfels, says muller: "with lichtenfels, every fight was a sporting highlight. It was always pure goose bumps when i went on the mat for lichtenfels." Because the team is "strengthening insanely" he considers a place in the upper midfield realistic in 2020. More importantly, he sees the long-term goal of "first really arrive in the bundesliga". Personally, he wanted to win every fight. He now trains six times a week.

Muller is to share the 75 and 80 kilo free style classes at the ACL with newcomer marcel berger and johannes lurz, who will compete mainly in the second half of the season.

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