New ebelsbach player-coach harald kaiser wants to see “90 minutes at full throttle

new ebelsbach player-coach harald kaiser wants to see '90 minutes at full throttle

Coach, player-coach, coach, now again player-coach: after norbert hiller, patrick reuter and most recently peter grobe, the new sporting director at SV ebelsbach since this season is harald kaiser.
For the last three years, the 31-year-old real estate agent was active at and for TSV kirchaich. But it wasn’t the fact that he missed out on promotion to the district league twice that tipped the scales in favor of leaving the steigerwald region. “As a coach, even if things are going very well on a personal level, you always want to take the next step and get to know other clubs, he emphasizes.
For his sporting career as a player-coach, the family father is convinced that the change is "definitely a step in the right direction again." But his goal with ebelsbach sounds rather modest. Fur harald kaiser, who after his youth time at TSV burgebrach, FC eintracht bamberg and even the 1. FC nurnberg (A-youth) as well as for the 1. FC bamberg, TSV burgebrach and TSV kirchaich, it would be great if we could play a decent season in the district league and finish in the middle or top third of the league."
In order for this intention to be reflected in the standings at the end of may 2018, the team – in line with his understanding of football – should always try to give full throttle for 90 minutes in order to take home the three points at the end of the day. Fubball is a great team sport. It depends on every player to function as a team", the 31-year-old makes clear. Harald kaiser is still in the prime of his football career. That’s why he has "no thoughts" about his future yet made. He calls it "luck, not to have to complain about any serious injuries. "Because of this", he says "i will stay in the active field as long as my body shows me green light."
After his active time, which according to the current state of affairs will last for a few more years, he "would like to stay in the adult and performance area as a coach. Here it is really fun to work with young, dynamic people who want to succeed."
So far kaiser in kirchaich had this luck. "I think it will continue here after the first impressions", he is optimistic.
All in all, in his opinion, amateur sports in the district are very well positioned. Most clubs are equipped with decent fubball courts." The most important basis for him "spab am fubball" to have a good reason for leaving is therefore a given. The organization with the bavarian football association (BEV) and especially the district of lower franconia is also described by the attacker as "fruitful". The amateur sport in the hobby area can therefore also be designed to bring football into harmony with the other areas of everyday life.

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