More than 1000 signatures for reduced building area in eggolsheim

More than 1000 signatures for reduced building area in eggolsheim

A folder with more than 1,000 signatures has been collected by the initiators of the young burgers’ citizen petition. You want the planned schirnaidler strabe development in eggolsheim not to build on the entire flat area, but to preserve the area where the old fruit trees are located.

The citizens’ petition "housing creation in the eggolsheim market in harmony with nature and the countryside" wants to achieve that the previous planning is revised. Mayor claus schwarzmann (BB) accepted the lists before the meeting of the market town council and then read out the letter from one of the affected landowners. While the initiators of the citizens’ petition want to remove his plot of land from the development plan, he explained that the agriculturally used plot of land is not a meadow orchard in the sense of the bavarian nature conservation law. Currently, only a few fruit trees are standing on the flat area, which is also used as a firewood storage area. In addition, the owner’s family wanted to use part of the future designated building land as a building plot itself.

The market town councils took note of both the signatures and the owner’s declaration and will discuss the matter in detail at one of the next meetings.

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