Kronach and kiskunhalas in hungary celebrate their long-standing friendship

Within the framework of the kiskunhala wine harvest festival, which was held for the 40th time this year, the. The 25th anniversary of the town twinning between kronach and its hungarian twin town was also celebrated.

A large delegation from kronach with mayor wolfgang beiergroblein and city councilors heinz hausmann, wolfgang hummer and edgar dunst in the lead was accompanied by the kronach youth orchestra, a delegation of the kronach civic defense force and other eager supporters of the city partnership idea, including mayor a. D. Manfred raum with his wife. They all traveled to kiskunhalas to celebrate this special anniversary in style. A varied program awaited the people of kronach.

In his speech on the main stage of the weinlesefest, mayor beiergroblein referred to the origins of the city partnership between kronach and kiskunhalas. The then mayors zoltan toth and manfred raum were the ones who laid the foundation for the friendship between the two municipalities 25 years ago. But even during his own time in office, it had been an important matter of conviction for him to support and demand the city partnership and to get actively involved himself, said the acting head of the city of kronach.

People get closer

It has always been a great pleasure for him to see how the people of kronach and kiskunhalas, despite the great distance, have become closer, have come to know each other and have made many friends.

Private friendships

Since the beginning of the partnership, there have been numerous meetings, for example in the framework of school exchanges between the two high schools, the local vocational schools and other schools, but also visits by official delegations, reciprocal visits by associations and many private contacts between the people of the two cities, who are now on friendly terms. "The partnership is alive and well", according to mayor beiergroblein. The encounters and exchanges between the people of the two cities have contributed in a small way to bringing people in europe closer together, to bringing cultural diversity closer to each other and to promoting european awareness.

The active municipal partnership work is of inestimable value, lived european common sense and people’s understanding in its most beautiful form. According to wolfgang beiergroblein, he hopes that this german-hungarian friendship will continue to make its small but by no means insignificant contribution to peace policy in a united europe in the future.

The thanks of the head of the city of kronach, but also of his colleague from kiskunhala, robert fulop, went to all those who had contributed to the twinning project in an exemplary manner in the past. New comrades-in-arms were welcome to join them.

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