Hochstadt in a completely different light

Hochstadt in a completely different light

When the city of hochstadt burns off its coarse cultural fireworks at the end of july/beginning of august, the people of hochstadt and their guests will be in a state of blackness, especially at night. Along the culture mile, the city will present itself in a completely new light from the kellerberg to the fortuna culture factory.
Lecturer michael muller from the coburg university of applied sciences and a team of five students want to show how a city can be put in the right light without using conventional street lighting.

Impressive examples

In its most recent meeting, the city council commissioned muller and his team to illuminate hochstadt’s cultural mile – initially for a limited period of time from probably 3. Until 12. August. Susanne gabler of the fortuna kulturfabrik demonstrated to the city council members what this could look like with a series of impressive photos of objects that muller had already staged.

But it doesn’t have to remain with the temporary illumination in hochstadt. The city councilors agreed to see the culture mile as a dress rehearsal for a permanent illumination of the city center. The idea of switching off the conventional street lighting and illuminating certain objects to bring sufficient light to the streets and walkways was well received.

Mayor gerald brehm (JL) sees the action as "basic planning for permanent lighting. Axel rogner (JL) has been lighting up everywhere "where it makes sense and people are", he told the FT yesterday. For alexander schulz (CSU) belongs to a permanent lighting also the kellerberg. But defining the individual objects was only the second step for him. The SPD faction proposes to permanently illuminate monuments like the old aisch bridge, the market fountain and the spix statue in front of the savings bank.

Michael muller is already looking forward to illuminating hochstadt for ten nights. At least the people can get used to it. "We want to make the citizens aware of light", he told the FT yesterday. The streetlights will be switched off these nights. Muller: "we play more with the shadows." He puts facades, bridges, but also trees and shrubs in the light. The environment should not be lost in the night as with conventional street lighting.

The lighting for the culture mile will be installed temporarily and removed afterwards without leaving any residues. If a permanent solution is to be found later, cables had to be laid.
The illumination of the cultural mile for several days – including the test phase – is now costing the city just under 20,000 euros.

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