France: arrests during protests against security law

France: Arrests during protests against security law

Dozens of protesters were arrested during the massive demonstrations against a controversial security law and police violence in france.

As the french news agency AFP reported sunday morning, citing the interior ministry, 81 people were taken into police custody. According to the report, a total of about 133.000 people took part in the protests on saturday. In paris alone there were 46.000 were injured. The organizers spoke of 500.000 demonstrators nationwide and 200.000 in the capital.

In the late afternoon, there were some clashes at the rally in paris. According to paris police, 23 law enforcement officers were injured in the incident. Nationwide, according to AFP, there were 62. France’s interior minister gerald darmanin condemned the violence on twitter. How many demonstrators were injured was still unclear at first. The director general of reporters without borders, christophe deloire, wrote on twitter of a journalist who was hit in the face with a club at the demonstration in paris. This police violence is unacceptable.

Security law aims to better protect police and restrict video recordings of police operations, government says. An article provides for the criminalization of the publication of images of security officers on duty, if this is done with the aim of injuring the physical or mental integrity of the police officers. A prison sentence of one year or a fine of 45.000 euros could be the consequence. Many see freedom of the press in danger.

Only in the past week, two brutal police interventions in paris had become known through videos: on monday of a clearing of tents of migrants, on thursday of an attack on a black music producer. After the national assembly approved the project on tuesday, the senate must now deal with the bill.

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