Fbi shows photos of suspected bombers

Fbi shows photos of suspected bombers

Three days after the boston marathon bombing, police released photos of two suspected men. At a press conference on thursday, the police called on the public to help in the search for the two men. The photos were taken shortly before the two detonations on monday at the scene of the crime. They show two young men in dark clothes with backpacks. Three people were killed and more than 170 injured in the bomb explosions on monday.

The mannerists were armed and dangerous, said chief investigator richard deslauriers. Who recognizes them, should not approach them. Further progress in the investigation was not initially known. There were no indications of any arrests.

U.S. President barack obama called on americans to defy terror at a funeral service in boston. "The bomb cannot defeat us. We continue", he said in an emotional speech at the city’s cathedral on thursday. He then spoke at a clinic with injured people. Obama’s speech in the church of the holy cross was interrupted several times by roaring applause. Over 2000 people came, including relatives of terror victims.

The USA will not let terror get us down, said obama. "You will run again." The boston marathon will also take place again next year.

At the same time, obama made it clear that the state would react with all severity and bring those responsible before the judge. "We will find you. We will hold you accountable." After interfaith service, obama met with relatives of victims. Reports of initial arrests proved false. Police still denied related news on wednesday (local time).
Obama is currently facing several rough challenges. A serious explosion at a chemical plant in texas has left many people dead. In addition, the president suffered a bitter political defeat: his bill for stricter gun laws failed in the senate – even though his democratic party has the majority there.

Participants in the london marathon wear black armbands
a poison letter had also been sent to obama. The first tests showed the presence of the deadly substance ricin. Already on wednesday, a suspect had been arrested in the state of mississippi, the FBI announced. The case had caused quite a stir shortly after the bombing in boston – but there were no indications of a connection with the terrorist attack.

In memory of the victims of boston, the participants of the london marathon are to wear black armbands this sunday. There will also be a minute’s silence before the start of the race, british culture secretary maria miller said on thursday.

The explosion of the bombs in boston killed an eight-year-old boy, a 29-year-old american woman and a student from china. More than 170 people were injured, many of them had to have limbs amputated. According to the city’s hospitals, all the injured are expected to survive. For many, however, the recovery could take many years.

One of the bombs used consisted of a pressure cooker fitted with a tinder and containing black powder as well as nails and metal parts. According to CNN, parts of the pot lid were found on the roof of a house near the finish line. It is still unclear whether the second bomb was also made from a pressure cooker.

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