Dutch television team as guests

Dutch television team as guests

Background to the recording sessions that took place on 6. According to reporter dirk kagenaar, the dutch healthcare system is considering making people who are overweight pay higher insurance premiums. The rehabilitation facility in bad kissingen, a clinic of the rehabilitation centers in badenwurttemberg, was discovered through the "obesity study" come.

Patients with a body mass index of around 30 between the ages of 18 and 75 were offered a special incentive to lose weight as part of a research project in cooperation with the rheinisch-westfalisches institut fur wirtschaftsforschung (RWI) essen, said the medical director, monika reuss-borst, in an interview with dirk kagenaar from the TV magazine "KRO-brandpunt". In the last week of the inpatient rehabilitation stay, an individual target weight to be reached within four months was set in consultation with the attending physician. Four months later, the actual weight was measured on an outpatient basis by a pharmacist in the home country.

Prevention takes time

the doctors determined which group was most likely to succeed in making the change in diet and lifestyle. For two groups, financial bonuses of 150 and 300 euros were offered, while the control group did not receive any bonus even for successful weight loss.

First results show that financial incentives can lead to a higher weight reduction in the affected people. However, the study has not yet been completed and the key question of whether the lifestyle change after a one-time bonus payment will last in the long term remains to be evaluated.

Reporter dirk kagenaar and cameraman frank moll used the full day of filming at the rehaklinik am kurpark not only to talk to monika reuss-borst about sensible preventive measures, but also to talk to patients. It became clear that prevention takes time and that effective strategies against obesity cannot be developed and implemented overnight.
Unlike germany, the dutch healthcare system does not provide medical rehabilitation for people suffering from chronic illnesses.

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