Companies & facts: n-energy builds photovoltaic power plant

N-ergie aktiengesellschaft continues to focus on photovoltaics in the expansion of renewable energies: since november 2019, it has been building a new solar power plant in mainbernheim with an output of 3.4 megawatts peak. According to the company’s press release, the last modules are currently being assembled, and operations are scheduled to begin as early as this summer.

The new plant is the second construction phase of the photovoltaic project in mainbernheim: in march 2019, N-energy already put a smaller block with 749 kilowatt peak into operation a little further to the east. "The development of renewable energies is an essential prerequisite for the achievement of the climate goals". N-ERGIE is therefore constantly expanding its own photovoltaic portfolio and coordinating closely with the respective municipalities," says rainer kleedorfer, authorized signatory and head of corporate development at N-ergie.

The new PV power plant covers an area of 5.8 hectares. Like the existing smaller plant, it was built on a 110-meter-wide strip along the nurnberg-wurzburg rail line. Around 8400 modules are used, which together account for around 3,640,000 euros? Kilowatt hours (kwh) per year and thus produce electricity for a good 1000 households.

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