City of kulmbach creates space for traffic circle

city of kulmbach creates space for traffic circle

And again a piece of old-kulmbach disappears: the former interior design shop symalla in webergasse 15 (corner sutte) is demolished – see a short video here. Not long ago, old houses in buchbindergasse and lower stadtgasschen were flattened. And the "swan brewery cellar in the mirror, a relic of the brewery louis weib, also gets a place.

Why does the old house have to go, which was first mentioned in a document in 1531 – even before the city burned down in 1553 during the war of the states?? An inquiry with the city of kulmbach brings clarity. Mayor henry schramm explains: "at the corner of sutte/webergasse, a large traffic circle is being built with the new access road for the underground car park at the central car park. The traffic circle will have a diameter of 36 meters. In order to create sufficient space for pedestrians around the roadways, the house at webergasse 15 will be demolished and this area will be redesigned as part of the overall planning process. The house is of no concern in terms of historic preservation. The demolition is demanded in the context of the demand offensive northeast bavaria and is expected to last until the end of october. The redesign will take place in the context of the traffic circle construction."

Interior decorator symalla works here

Webergasse 15 was home to the interior decorator eckhard symalla from 1971 to 2003, when he sold the house to the city. His company logo and shop window are still familiar to many people in kulmbach.

There is a long tradition of craftsmanship in the building: the shoemaker reinhard (from 1950), flowers and floristry berger (from 1945), the mortician karoline roder (from 1907) and the master butchers simon bohm (from 1903) and johann grampp (from 1893).

"An arm sturtzlein"

But the house is much older. According to the house book of the former city archivist richard lenker (†), hans koplein had received the fief of the prebend in 1531. 1552 is mentioned a hans distler, armed with harnisch and langspieb, who in 1560 is about to rebuild the war-destroyed house. He has, it says, "an arm sturtzlein uber sein hofstattlein" made. And further:"… Will continue to build if he has wood and stones or money to do so."

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