Amazon must improve corona protection

Amazon must improve corona protection

According to a court order, amazon should limit itself to orders for food, hygiene and medical products in france.

The online retailer failed to adequately meet its obligations to protect the health and safety of employees in its logistics centers during the coronavirus crisis, the court in the paris suburb of nanterre declared.

Amazon must now conduct a risk assessment at all warehouses and make necessary health and safety inspections.

Amazon said it disagrees with the decision and is trying to quickly "understand what this means for our operations in france". In the past four weeks, he said, 1.5 million masks and 27,000 liters of hand sanitizer have been shipped to french sites.000 liters of hand disinfectant have been brought to the french sites.

For every day that amazon fails to meet the required safety and health standards, it faces a fine of one million euros, the court ruling said. The court order against amazon was filed by the trade union syndicale solidaires. The union accused amazon of failing to provide warehouses with the means to allow employees to comply with required mabab against the spread of the sars-cov-2 virus.

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