“You just have to keep busy”

Absolute ban on visitors – as it says on the notice at the entrance to the "am staffelberg" residential and nursing home of the bavarian red cross. A last reminder, should the tightened mabnahmen, which the bavarian government on 13. Marz may have passed someone by. According to the experts, the risk of a severe course of corona disease increases significantly from the age of 60 at the latest. A weaker immune system and pre-existing conditions can be life-threatening. The death traps in germany so far can be attributed to a large extent to this group.

The example of wurzburg has shown where an infection in a retirement home can lead to. In one home, more than half of the 120 residents have tested positive, and there have already been 13 deaths. Another wurzburg facility also reported several corona traps and one death only a few days ago.

And so the residents have to stay outside for the time being. Loneliness now spreading in the BRK home in bad staffelstein? "I don’t feel lonely, says 85-year-old anton hetzel, senior of the frauendorfer brewery. It’s a pity that the usual visits are not taking place at the moment, she says, "but there is still the telephone."

Even within the home, one does not have to completely forego social contacts – although food is now brought to the room, because eating together in the dining room is currently not possible. Those who are still fit can go out into the garden and get some fresh air and talk to other residents – with a safe distance. "I was today only one hour again drauben. The movement is good. You just have to keep busy," says, says hetzel, who feels very well taken care of. "The nurses are doing everything they can. There is nothing to complain about."

Among the residents, of course, corona is also a recurring theme. "You haven’t seen anything like this before", says hetzel, who keeps a close eye on developments in the world: "i read my newspaper every day and watch tv." He takes a pragmatic view of measures such as the ban on visitors: "what can you do?? You just have to be patient and hope that things will get better soon."

Fear is not an issue

Hetzel has not yet identified any fear of the virus among residents – and not among himself anyway: "at 85, you have to be glad that you’re still here at all. When you see how people are starving or living in war elsewhere – we are still well served."

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