Well, the duke as garden gnome?

Well, the duke as garden gnome?

It is the high point of the school year at the casimirianum: the crowning of the statue of duke casimir. A wreath is placed on the stone head of the founder of the school, another one is placed on his arm.
But on wednesday, casimir suddenly looked very different: a simple hat on his head, a can of water in his hand, and a green gardener’s shawl around his belly.

This year’s high school graduates were responsible for this somewhat different attack, as they had played a joke on each other overnight.

The background of the action is also amusing: due to the reconstruction of the so-called e-building ("ernstbau") at the casimirianum, the 2012 high school graduates had classes last year mainly in the alternative quarters on the land of the former spindler villa (alexandrinenstrabe). That the containers set up there are "containers", however were called, displeased some at the school. Finally, the time-honored "casi" stands for tradition, values and a certain standard. The containers, surrounded by a lot of green, therefore officially called G-bau ("horticulture"). The school-leavers promptly rhymed: "successful, already and clever – we come from horticulture." In addition to the duke on wednesday, they also dressed up as garden gnomes.

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