Trimburg schoolchildren experience knights to touch

Trimburg schoolchildren experience knights to touch

"I didn't know how heavy such a knight's outfit is", schuler matthew marvels. "This excursion into the world of knights is a premiere for our schoolchildren", betrayal special education teacher britt leidel. Together with her colleague, social pedagogue hans-joachim kohnkow, she accompanies the first group of schoolchildren on saturday. Two days later, the second group visits trimburg castle.

Detailed knightly atmosphere prevails on the land of the castle ruins. The knights, who had traveled from munich, set up their colorful tents and magnificently erected the insignia of their virtual rule. At the top of the list is sir galahad from munich, who slipped into the role of the duke of lothian from edinburgh in scotland. His right hand is the sword leader sir rolf zu munichen. Sir richard von wolfensteyn also arrived from munich. The knights did not want to reveal their civilian names. Because they slip completely into the roles of their historical role models for such events and forget for a few days that in everyday life they are television technicians, carpenters or computer experts. "It's the first time we've been to the trimburg and we feel totally at home in this great setting, swarm sir galahad.

In his festively decorated tent, galahad explains to the curious students how a knight lived 700 years ago. They had already heard about it in history class. But here we don't read from books, we have the objects in front of our eyes and can even hold them in our hands. "This is much better than school.", tobias is happy. The ambience of this knighthood also impresses the students very much. The astonished faces show pure fascination.

Squires' training in the schnuelldurchgang

In their quick course in knight training, the schoolchildren rehearse with rough spab how to put on knight rolf's armor. Because alone this one does not manage the dressing. The entire outfit hangs from an oversized wooden clothing stand. Little by little, the iron beink garments, the arm guards, the chain shirt, the chain hood and the sheet metal protective plates get onto the knight's body and are fastened with straps. So that the heavy iron does not press on the skin, the knight is dressed in soft textiles underneath beforehand. There is a lot to do and to fix. The knight has quickly gained 25 kilos in weight.

The students in sir rolf's basic fencing course learn firsthand how difficult it is to handle a sword. After a quarter of an hour, the young scarce arms are powerfully lame. "Whoever needs so much power should be strong", invites sir galahad to the medieval kitchen. There, too, the schoolchildren first have to lend a hand, for example by cutting the cake herbs. The fire under the cauldron is already burning and the vegetables are ready for cooking. Now the leisurely part of the knight's visit begins.

Middle ages at the summer festival

"This visual lesson about the medieval way of life is ideal for our students", teacher leidel points out the summer festival of the katharinenschule on saturday, 23. June, there. "The theme of the middle ages is taken up here, and our students are highly motivated after this visit to trimburg, leidel is convinced. She was absolutely thrilled at how authentically the knights presented the historical topic. "Our current prosperity is not self-evident from the perspective of the middle ages", according to leidel. "I also cultivate a knightly ambience at home; I have many shelves full of non-fiction literature on the subject of the middle ages", tells sir galahad, the knight to touch.

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