The madonna of herzogenaurach returns

The madonna of herzogenaurach returns

The carved mother of god above the entrance to the "apotheke am markt" had been missing for about 18 months. The wooden work of art was getting on in years and was in urgent need of restoration. The restorer erwin rosch, who comes from herzogenaurach and meanwhile lives in a part of scheblitz northeast of bamberg, had received the order from the house owner georgios halkias for the professional restoration and will restore the protective mantle madonna on saturday, 7. July, back to her ancestral place.
If it had been up to the herzogenaurach local history society, which supported the owner in his plans, the madonna would already have been dug down from the house at the corner of steinweg/kirchenplatz for the fronleichnams procession at the end of may. But because restorer rosch was busy with a variety of other work, including the restoration of artwork in bamberg cathedral, the reattachment of the virgin mary statue was delayed.
There are no exact details about who donated the statue of the virgin mary and when this was done. Irene lederer, responsible for the city museum and city archives, was only able to help insofar as she was able to locate the owners of the present kirchenplatz in the city’s records. In herzogenaurach, many older residents still remember that until the end of the 1970s, the "weiber hahn" pub was located in today’s pharmacy had persisted. In herzogenaurach, people jokingly referred to the company as the "black hen (the black hehna) and appreciated the excellent french cuisine of the landlady.

The third pharmacy

As for the history of the present, from the archival documents there is a long list of owners: in the oldest news there is talk of a new building from 1721, built by an A. M. (andreas menschel) commissioned the investigation. In 1784, a mrs. Maylaender (the maylaenderess) was the owner who sold the property to johann adler. From 1815 the property belonged to the magistrate philipp liedel and after his death it went to his widow barbara liedel. This was followed by georg michael fischer and his son georg, who built the house in the 50s/60s of the 19th century. However, he emigrated to the USA at the beginning of the twentieth century. Melchior and christoph staudigel lived in the house until 1924, when it was bought by lorenz derrfub.
In addition to the beyschlag pharmacy in the main street and the town pharmacy (at that time still hauptstrabe 42) finally years after the second world war pharmacist stehle opened here the third herzogenaurach pharmacy, before georgios halkias took over the pharmacy at the market.
During the course of saturday, the late baroque madonna will then descend from her original position in her new garb to the pits in front of her.

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