The “luckenbuber

The 'luckenbuber

Before simon schiller returns to TSV meeder as head coach after his bali vacation, christian muller has taken over responsibility for the team promoted from the district league. We talked to the interim coach, who likes to take care of the goalkeepers and also the youngsters in the club, about his transitional role in the club.

Hello, mr. Muller, how did you get in touch with the club’s sporting management after stefan noth left the club??
Christian muller: in the end, the players’ council was decisive in consultation with our game director dieter sommer. The latter also approached me after it became clear that we needed a transitional solution for the time of the coach search.

The coach’s debut worked out: 1:0 home win against direct rivals spvgg lettenreuth. Why was the team winless eight days in a row before??
Since I have only been able to watch a few games in the current season, it is not easy for me to make a judgment. But let’s take the away game last week in merkendorf as an example, which I watched. The own chance utilization was fatal, what naturally the whole team increasingly unsettles.
It is clear that when the score is 1:1 and even when the score is 1:2, high-caliber opportunities are missed, it is not possible to build up self-confidence. But this belief in one’s own strength is indispensable for deciding games in one’s favor – especially in such a precarious situation. The fact that order is then lost, and hectic and disorderly attempts are made to turn the game around, is added to the top. My main task will be to improve that.

Already last season you were assistant coach under simon schiller, who will return to the bench in three weeks time. Will you form a duo again or will you retire completely after this interim period as coach??
I have agreed with my family that I will resign completely when a proper successor has been found. What in the case from my view very well succeeded. I am extremely happy that simon schiller is back, and i will definitely pledge my support to him as well.
However, I’m more in the background, so that I can concentrate more on goalkeeper training, youth work and my secret passion, namely as a field player for our 3. Team to “work its magic, can concentrate.

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