The fire was in the air

The fire was in the air

That "firekids" or "loschzwerge" try to inject as much water as possible into a pylon with the help of a hand pump, that is the nature of the thing. But why "loschpiraten or "blue light pirates stringing up macaroni with a shish kebab stuck between your teeth, hoisting a sack, kicking tin cans into a paddling pool, juggling balls with a stretcher or a towel – it’s not necessarily about firefighter training: it’s about having fun together, forming a team and a community, solving tasks as a team. All participants between the ages of six and eleven finally received certificates of attendance. The challenge cup for the best points collector went from the baunach children’s fire department to the "bergfuchse" from frankendorf.

Children were not allowed to join the youth fire department until they were twelve years old. Because many children of this age already have their sights set elsewhere, fire departments across the country are trying to get children interested in later service in the field. Fire zeal in the best sense can be awakened, for example, in the joint construction of nesting boxes, in adventure nights at the campfire or in baking bread.

Deputy district administrator georg bogensperger – himself a gold-grun firefighter merit badge holder – praised the children and thanked those responsible for participating in an event that should help ensure that there are enough capable firefighters and rescue workers in the future as well.

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