Suspect in the murder of lena has confessed

Suspect in the murder of Lena has confessed

Investigators did not give any details about the motive. The young man may have committed other sexual offenses previously.

Emden (dpa) – after the first miscarriage with a wrongly suspected person, the investigators in the murder case of lena have convicted another young man as the suspected culprit. The 18-year-old admitted to killing the eleven-year-old schoolgirl in a parking garage in emden last saturday. He was convicted with the help of DNA analysis. He has been in custody since sunday for murder, because according to the investigation he wanted to cover up a sexual abuse of the girl.

The man knew his way around the crime scene – he had regularly used the parking garage for the trendy climbing sport of parkour. The investigators had first arrested a schoolboy, the innocent 17-year-old on friday again set free fub.

"The suspected perpetrator has admitted to killing the eleven-year-old girl," martin lammers of the criminal investigation department in emden said on sunday. However, the 18-year-old did not give any details of the crime during the interrogation and instead referred to "lucid memories". So also the motive for the crime is still in the dark. The suspect was convicted because a saliva sample taken after the arrest and crime scene traces match.

The DNA test showed that the arrested man was also responsible for at least one other sexual offense against a female jogger in the ramparts near the parking garage. The man was unable to complete the crime in november 2011, said senior aurich prosecutor bernard sudbeck. In the interrogations, the 18-year-old admitted to having had contact with lena and her boyfriend of the same age before committing the crime.

The 18-year-old, who lives in emden, and lena went to the parking garage together, he says. Investigators suspect that the girl followed the man voluntarily. How the girl came to death, the head of the homicide commission, werner brandt, loves openly.

Saturday’s arrest was based on tips from two women who saw the man near the crime scene. "By the sketch artist of the state criminal investigation department was made a phantom sketch," said brandt. It brought clear overlaps with the parking garage video surveillance footage and the tip from another witness, he said. Whether a murder weapon was found on the man, brandt said openly. He spoke only of "evidentiary items" that had been seized.

If convicted of murder, man faces life in prison. If the 18-year-old is found guilty under juvenile law, the maximum sentence is ten years. "The suspect makes a very depressed impression," brandt said, hinting at a possible suicidal threat. He had been under permanent medical supervision during the night in police custody.

Initially, the investigators had suspected a vocational school teacher. The teenager sab from wednesday to friday in custody under investigation. After the release, criticism of the authorities in emden was voiced. Criminal lawyers and criminologists had complained that the public prosecutor’s office had been too aggressive in presenting the facts to the public.

Senior prosecutor sudbeck on sunday again defended the police’s actions. The vocational school student had contradicted himself and made false statements. Thereupon an urgent suspicion of the crime arose. Nevertheless, sudbeck said, "the first arrest is considered regrettable in retrospect." The schoolboy is now entitled to exoneration. For every day that he had been innocently held in custody, he was entitled to 25 euros.

The case was also the subject of public discussion after the first suspect was arrested and calls for a lynching were published on the internet. On wednesday night, as many as 50 people besieged the police building in emden for hours. Sudbeck appealed to some media and people on the internet to "come to their senses".

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