Seven years of joint success

Seven years of joint success

At the meeting of the oberthulba market town council, the dominant topics were the further cooperation in the two alliances "kissinger bogen and "french saale valley as well as the current developments in the P43 power line. Also on the agenda were the results of speed measurements, a construction project and the audit report.

Oberthulba’s mayor mario gotz is convinced of the success of the "kissinger bogen" alliances and "french saale valley enthusiastic. The market town has been represented in both alliances for seven years now, and it’s worth it: "being represented in two alliances is hard work, but it’s doable. Both the citizens and the administration benefit from this", he is convinced.

For both alliances are success projects: in 2014, in the kissinger bogen alliance e.V. Almost 50 projects initiated – more than 50 percent of which have since been actively addressed. At the frankisches saale valley alliance e.V. 34 out of 51 projects were implemented or completed in the same period of time. This is what the alliances’ two evaluation reports revealed. The council unanimously decided to continue the updating of the alliances’ respective integrated rural development concepts (ILEK) and to continue the cooperation in the alliances.

Because there is also a lot to do in the future: in the kissinger bogen alliance, topics such as mobility, public services, tourism and administrative cooperation are on the to-do list. In the franconian saale valley, energy and climate protection, regional marketing and inner-city development are among the issues that need to be addressed. "My thanks go to the management of both alliances, stephanie kunder and holger becker, for their good cooperation. We assume that we will also be challenged in the next five years", gotz is confident. In this context, he referred to the regional budget of the allianz kissinger bogen, which will be used in 2022 to call for the best small projects in the allianz communities, and called on clubs, private individuals and businesses to participate.

On the other hand, a topic that was not even on the agenda caused worry lines on the foreheads of the council members: under miscellaneous, gotz reported on the current developments in the matter of the P43 power line. The procedure in the federal sectoral planning section B has been officially opened, the documents are complete. Up to 30. December 2021 there is now an opportunity to submit comments on the proposal corridor and the alternatives under consideration.

P43: burgers are now in demand

"This opportunity is available not only to public officials, but also to every citizen whose personal rights are affected", or felt affected by the change in the landscape, for example. "All affected municipalities want to take their citizens with them and ask for their opinion", gotz emphasized. There will be information on the homepage of the market and a flyer that will be distributed to all households. Gotz offered that the administration could then collect all the comments and send them together to berlin. 3. Mayor margot schottdorf emphasized that it is now up to the citizens: "the more who participate, the better. This is our only chance, otherwise we have already lost!"

Furthermore, the results of the speed measurements in oberthulba and reith were announced. In the "hammelburger strabe" streets, "marketplace" and "thulbaer strabe" the measurements were carried out on request. On hammelburger strabe, 11.5 percent of the vehicles coming from the center of town were traveling at more than the prescribed 50 kilometers per hour. This was only the case to a very limited extent in the case of counter-traffic. On the assumption of councillor thomas schuhmann that the results in hassenbach would be different, mayor gotz offered a measurement there.

Every second person was speeding

At the market place, where a speed of 30 km/h is allowed, overrunning occurred much more frequently. The undercover measurement showed that 31.6 percent of the vehicles were speeding in the direction of kissinger strabe, in the opposite direction it was even one in two vehicles. Local councilor daniela spahn pointed out the heavy larvae load. In thulbaer strabe in reith, speeding in both directions was around 23 percent. Overall, councilman julian ziegler was pleasantly surprised; he had expected higher speeds. Mayor gotz offered to continue to measure at neuralgic points, to monitor the issue in the municipal council and, if desired, to enter into a discussion on municipal traffic control. The report on the 2016 to 2019 audit and a preliminary building application for the construction of a two-family house in oberthulba were unanimously approved.

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