Seals replaced injured in cup

seals replaced injured in cup

The 29-year-old was taken off the field in the 14. Caught by augsburg’s goalkeeper marwin hitz in the second minute, then had to be substituted and taken off the pitch with a stretcher. Robben’s knee was bleeding and was bandaged by the doctors of the german record cup winner.

According to an initial diagnosis, he suffered a deep laceration, and during the 2-0 win, the dutchman was taken to hospital to have his knee cleaned up. "We should not speculate now," said sports director matthias sammer about the nature and severity of the injury. Earlier, the midfielder had scored the opening goal for the bavarians, his 13th of the season. Hits in the 20. Compulsory games of this season.

FCA coach markus weinzierl stressed that hitz had not wanted to hurt robben "in any way" during the hard tackle. "I am resisting claims that the program was too aggressive," he stressed. "We and marwin hitz are sorry for the action." The keeper himself explained: "this was not intended in this way."

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