Rimparer come to lichtenfels with a broad chest

Rimparer come to lichtenfels with a broad chest

A turbulent first round of the state league draws to a close for the FC lichtenfels soccer team on saturday (4 p.M., karl-fleschutz-stadion) with the home game against ASV rimpar.

"For us, a three-goal win at the end of the preliminary round is important in order to further extend the gap to the relegation zone", is the goal of oliver muller, who is the new coach of the team together with christian goller this season. FCL currently has a cushion of five points over the first relegation spot.

ASV rimpar with success series

On paper, the lichtenfels team, ranked eighth in the table, is the favorite going into the encounter against the rimpar team, ranked 15th in the table. But the people of lower franconia have had a successful few weeks. ASV has picked up eleven points from its last six games, including a 1-1 draw with top-ranked vatan spor aschaffenburg. Against the second-placed team from geesdorf in the table, the team even won 3:1.

Muller is warned by this young success: "with rimpar comes a team that is currently on a roll. After having been last in the table, just like us, they have played their way back to the top in the last few weeks."

From below also the lichtenfelser climbed. With the 2:2 at the DJK schwebenried/schwemmelsbach one had to accept in the previous week again a small steamer on the way to the top. Finally the lichtenfelser lay to the half time with 2:0 in front. A dismissal of FCL attacker lukasz jankowiak shortly after the restart, however, was enough to tip the game over the edge.

"The point is okay, even if we had to accept the equalizer after a good first half and a 2:0 lead, and two great chances for 3:2 in the final phase went unused. But the result did justice to the course of the game", muller looks back.

Jankowiak missing after red card

The loss of the top striker, however, weighs heavier than the loss of the two points. "The red card was unnecessary, even if lukasz only wanted to interrupt the game because one of our players was lying on the ground with a head injury. The referee did not stop the game and the hosts did not put the ball out of bounds. This is how it came to a foul play, which the referee punished with red", muller describes the situation. The failure of jankowiak causes headaches for the trainer. "The fact that the game was overturned as a result can still be tolerated. It hurts more that lukasz will be out of action for several weeks", the trainer from lichtenfels is struggling.

However, it is not yet clear how long jankowiak will be suspended. "Now other players were allowed to prove themselves", muller tries to take the unpleasant situation sportingly. In addition to the long-term injured luca ljevsic and stefan fischer, tobias zollnhofer, florian goller and lukas dietz are also out of action. Whether lukas schamel will be available again after suffering a head injury against DJK schwebenried/schwemmelsbach has not yet been definitively clarified.

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