Newly formed ts kronach women’s team celebrates successful season

newly formed ts kronach women's team celebrates successful season

After almost a decade of abstinence, the basketball department of turnerschaft kronach sent a women’s team to the starting line for the first time again this season. In the upper district league, group A, the women’s team from kronach finished in fourth place with a score of 8:12 points. The internally set goal of being the best team from the district of kronach was achieved. All four derbies against ludwigsstadt and kups went to the county seat.

After a successful ara in the first decade of this millennium, the team had disbanded in 2009 due to study. During this time, the kronach girls rose to the bavarian league and celebrated championships in the district league as well as six cup victories at the stuck.

Left in the women’s division of the club was a girls’ team, which at the end of last season was also on the verge of extinction due to a lack of playing opportunities in the district and a heterogeneous age structure. With the return to kronach of player steffi gehring, who for a time even played in the 1. Bundesliga was active, the TSK took the chance to put together a women’s team again.

From the 17-year old high achiever anna-louisa riedel to the reactivated veteran in the team, birgit madinger, the age range is almost 30 years. In addition, the team is supported in training by lea frank, who is only 13 years old and who has been left over from the disbanded U12 team, which is also active in the U14 bavarian league in kemmern.

Linda wiens was reactivated, steffi kotschenreuther from nordhalben joined the team, so that the gymnastics team was able to send a ten-headed team to the start with the remaining players of the U20; only hannah steidl, who is spending a year abroad in ireland after graduating from high school, had to be left out this season.

The season went as expected for the kronach team. They had no chance against the two top teams in group A – the undefeated leaders from bayreuth and the team from SC kemmern III – and lost all their encounters by a clear margin.

Against the team from baunach, TSK acted at eye level. However, the team lost the last game without any replacements. Also in the ruckspiel, when likewise some ladies had to break due to injury, it set a 57:63 defeat.

Catching up with teams like baunach is one of the goals for the new season. Another goal is to reduce the number of injuries, as players have repeatedly been absent due to injury or illness. Kronach also missed the chance to reach the cup top 4 with a relatively clear defeat in coburg.

But the prestigious district derbies were all won by the women from kronach. While the start in ludwigsstadt was a bit bumpy, the win in kups and the home victory against ludwigsstadt were clear-cut.

On the last day of play, the opponents once again beat kups. For a long time, the women from kronach were chasing a deficit, missed many baskets and free throws and had to fight until the end before they managed to win 52:46 and thus celebrated a successful end to the season.

In addition to the two top scorers in the team, stefanie gehring (15 points on average) and anna-louisa riedel (17), the two young center lena bienlein (10) and laura heckmann (8) also scored successfully. To the team success of the whole season contributed also the other socks in the team, linda obmann and lena schneider, alina obmann helped out in some matches.

Two new players

The women from kronach want to continue to play in the upper district league next season as well. In order to strengthen the squad, two players from the successful team of the last decade are to be reinstated. In other respects, too, the tsk ladies are open to any increase in personnel. If you are interested in training, you can get more information at the gymnastics club kronach, on the facebook page of the gymnastics club kronach basketball department, or directly from the department management. Practice is regular on thursdays at 18.30 o’clock in the lucas cranach hall. Mad

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