Luise birkner drops out of “deutsche” in unfortunate fashion

Luise birkner drops out of 'deutsche' in unfortunate fashion

Together with her coach sigi puzik, the 18-year-old made her way to dinklage, where the 32 best german female table tennis players in performance class B met for the championships.

Qualified as bavarian champion, birkner won her group easily with 3:0 victories and 9:2 sets. The second bavarian representative, stefanie thomann from swabia, did the same on the first tournament day.

As doubles, the two got a bad draw and were eliminated in the first round against the late runner-up. "Too bad, there would have been more in it", said birkner "but we have hardly trained together."

Thus, the full concentration was on the tournament sunday’s upcoming K.-o.-round. The very first match, a close and hard-fought eighth-final, went into the fifth set, which birkner lost unhappily. "That could have ended differently", said birkner afterwards and struggled a bit with the draw and the net rollers of her opponent.

So the two representatives of TV oberwallenstadt, luise birkner and sigi puzik, could relax and watch the other matches, analyze them and enjoy the championship atmosphere.

"I want to go there again"

What remains is a ninth place in the first national appearance of 18-year-olds in the women’s competition. "Now it’s time to go on vacation, and then i’ll train again. Because i really want to go to a german championship like that again", said luise birkner – possibly even in the higher performance category.

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