Kirch vs. Deutsche bank continues in mid-june

Kirch vs. Deutsche Bank continues in mid-June

After the bank was ordered to pay damages in principle, the higher regional court (OLG) in munich is to rule on 13. June to discuss further steps, said a court spokesman, confirming a report in the news magazine "der spiegel". It is a further intermediate step in the legal dispute that has been raging for years.

Among other things, it is to be clarified which experts are to decide how high the damage actually was and how much money the bank will have to pay in the end. In december, the higher regional court ordered the bank to pay damages for the bankruptcy of the media empire of the now deceased leo kirch in 2002.

At the beginning of 2002, shortly before the insolvency, the then head of the deutsche bank, rolf breuer, questioned kirch’s creditworthiness in a television interview.

Kirch subsequently sued the bank in countless lawsuits. His heirs have now been successful before the higher regional court in munich, even though it is not yet clear how much the bank will have to pay in the end. Kirch had sued for around 2 billion euros.

Deutsche bank itself is trying to appeal against the ruling and has filed a complaint of non-admission with the federal court of justice (BGH) in karlsruhe; the higher regional court did not allow an appeal when it issued its ruling.

It remains to be seen when the federal court of justice will rule on the appeal, but a quick decision is not expected. In any case, the OLG will continue its proceedings one way or another. Presiding judge guido kotschy postponed his retirement, due in the fall, by two years, a court spokesman confirmed in the "spiegel" report. Every judge in bavaria has the right to do this. However, the spokesman was unable to say whether the decision was connected with the kirch proceedings.

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