“I bims” is “youth word of the year”

I bims" is the "youth word of the year. It means "I am," as the langenscheidt publishing house announced in munich on friday. But it is also used as a synonym for "it’s me".

"I bims" is a popular phrase from the so-called "vong" language, in which internet users shorten sentences and play with words in social networks. Terms are often misspelled on purpose.

There were 30 words to choose from to show how today’s young people speak. A 20-strong jury had chosen the word. In a non-binding online vote, "I bims" had come in last place. The front-runner was the expression "geht fit" as a designation for something that clearly goes. Behind it was "napflixing" for a nap during a movie. With around one million votes, there were more than ever before, according to the publishing house.

User favorite "geht fit" was too regional for jury member david berger. Outside the ruhr area, it is not widespread, said the law student. Young people in berlin, for example, the expression means nothing at all. "Youth language is also often very regional, it’s a bit like a dialect," said the 19-year-old, who was on the jury for the third time sab. "I bims" is much better known. "I bims must not be seen quite so narrowly – it is also representative of the whole "vong"-language , which we have a lot of, especially in the social media."

It is often used by young people – in conversations, but also in text messages. " They really say that – that was important to us too."Jury colleague livia kerp saw it the same way: "it’s very widespread and everyone says it," explained the 15-year-old blogger.

Last year "isso" was in front as approval or underlining of something. But the jury decided on "fly sein", a term from the hip-hop scene that means: someone or something is "going strong". In 2015, the verb "merkeln", which is supposed to mean "to do nothing, to make no decision", was in the lead in the online vote. The jury, however, cured with "smombie" – an artificial word from smartphone and zombie. It is supposed to describe someone who no longer notices anything of his environment because he only stares at his smartphone.

The election is a promotional campaign by the langenscheidt publishing house for its youth language dictionary and took place this year for the tenth time. There is often debate as to whether the winning word really corresponds to the language used by young people. "We found a word that is really already being spoken," said a spokesman. The accusation that no one talks like that has been countered this year by the team.

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