Hausen youths make a strong case for youth center and sports facilities

Hausen youths make a strong case for youth center and sports facilities

The district youth ring forchheim and the office for youth work hausen/heroldsbach have organized the participation event "shaping hausen’s future" invited. Eleven children and young people aged between twelve and 17 from hausen and wimmelbach accepted the invitation to the burgerhaus. The event was organized and guided through the evening by the district youth worker stefanie schmitt and the youth worker patrick peter.

The first and second mayors of the town and the town councillors were also present to talk to the young burghers. A lively exchange took place in four different thematic corners, with the young people contributing many ideas and interesting points of view. The aim of the event was to ask the children and young people about their wishes and ideas for their future in hausen and wimmelbach and thus to stimulate an attractive and youth-oriented development of their home town.

Many examples came up, which on the one hand were wishful thinking, but on the other hand were quite true to life and constructively jerked into the foreground. For example, there was a lot of talk about the possibilities at the existing sports fields in hausen. The children and young people would like the basketball court to be made accessible to them in the afternoon. A volleyball court and a suitable location were also discussed. A youth meeting place, where people can meet regardless of the weather, was explicitly mentioned several times. The planned skater facility was also discussed.

All in all, the children and young people made it clear that they felt very much at home in their home community and could well imagine still living here in ten years’ time – provided that the conditions (workplace and living space) met their expectations.

As a next step, the results will be evaluated by the experts and presented to the municipal council at the end of the year. There it was also possible to discuss which wishes could be realized in the short and long term. The project is financially supported by the bayerischer jugendring.

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