Hanging game over ubersee container ends

Hanging game over ubersee container ends

The "captain" the waves have smoothed out, the ocean-going container can "dock" in the port of the nearby lute and "dock" in the vicinity of an existing lumberyard. At its meeting on monday evening in the community center, the community council approved the installation of the container with a few conditions. As recently as december, the committee had unanimously voted against the project because of its disastrous appearance at the southern entrance to kirchlauter, which "subsequently caused a great deal of excitement", according to mayor jochen steppert (CSU), he was concerned.

But now steppert was "much more relaxed" and "with a better feeling approach to the subject.
To this end, he first acted as a "windshield wiper", as it gave the overhead projector a spring cleaning to give its board the proper perspective on its plans. Then, in the ice-cold meeting room, he rolled up his already short arms and started to present the results of various discussions.

According to a statement from the office of agriculture and forestry, the applicant had an agricultural business and wanted to use the container to store agricultural equipment. Thus, it is a privileged construction project. "We must accept this as a fact, since the agricultural use is proven", said steppert, who still did not find an overseas container in the middle of the countryside acceptable.

Disguised and hidden

in cooperation with the district office, he and the applicant family had looked for possible solutions – and found them: the ubersee container will be covered with wood and compensatory planting will be carried out no more ubersee-container and the landscape will not be spoiled."
Uwe derra (freie wahler) also suggested "putting a roof over it". Heinz stretz (CSU) blamed that the VG-building administration should have prepared the facts better. "Then we had not gotten us bloody noses."

Mayor steppert had some news to share on the still pending extension of the state road between breitbrunn and gleisenau, which seemed to be postponed into the uncertain future due to a lack of funds. "There were some misunderstandings, but now the secretary of state, gerhard eck, has already given a verbal commitment that the work will begin this year, according to steppert.
Reinhold stohr (SPD) asked whether this also meant the expansion of the kirchlauter through road?

But the mayor has little hope "even if their condition is not better". Steppert: "that is far less traffic, and if you look at all the fuss in the run-up, I don’t think anything will happen in the short term."

Further, mayor steppert informed that a renewed participation of kirchlauter in the dor competition is planned. However, he does not want to decide this on his own, but will schedule a meeting beforehand. "We should send kirchlauter back into the race, because a lot has changed for the better in the last three years", the mayor said he paid for the renovation of the church facade as well as for the expansion of the trenches and the day care center for children.

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