For the kleinweisach church on its feet

District administrator eberhard irlinger (SPD), dean martin ost and the mayor helmut lottes (UB), who is also active in lauf, praised the commitment in the town. Betti kugler thanked not only the runners but also the many helpers behind the scenes who had helped make the event a success. "We also received active support from our neighboring communities of altershausen and pretzdorf-hombeer and from the political community. These are all the parents of this great success."
Pastor ulrich bauer-marks, who is very concerned about the renovation of the church, was no less satisfied. "With the proceeds of the run we have the 35 000 euro full. This is how much the renovation of the windows costs and how much has been donated in total so far. This is really great and we are very grateful to all donors", he praised the lively cooperation.
Construction and renovation work is currently being carried out throughout the church. It will therefore probably have to remain closed until the first advent. In addition to the window repair, a new moisture barrier is to be installed, the cracks eliminated and the indoor climate improved. The services are always held at an alternative location. "Since the inside of the church is still completely covered in rust, we would prefer that the work be done calmly and accurately", says the pastor. "There is no point in rushing."

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