Finzel’s emotional incendiary speech

Finzel's emotional incendiary speech

Stefan finzel is furious. Enraged, the major sponsor storms onto the pitch and calls his players together. After the 0:3 defeat at the hands of lichtenfels, they wanted to creep into the catacombs with their heads down, as they have done so often in this preliminary round. But ozdemir, bohnlein, engelmann& co. Have reckoned without their "boss made. The financial backer uses clear words to tell his national league players what he thinks of their performance. Finzel even speaks of refusal to work and damage to the reputation of the club and his company.

Incendiary speech bears fruit

It was a remarkable performance with initial recognition, because the incendiary speech fulfilled its purpose – at least in the short term. On the following saturday, the promoted team, which until then had been ten points adrift in last place in the preliminary round of group A of the northwestern league, presented itself as if it had changed. Plotz combined carl, autsch, heidenreich, bergmann& co. Just as the ebersdorf officials had hoped from the start of the season. They hit the mark eight times at SV euerbach. At an opponent, for whom it was all or nothing, i.E. About reaching the promotion round.

Four new players to come

Stefan finzel saw himself confirmed. Just like in the clear 5:2 win in friesen, he did not want to miss this important match in order to emphasize his flaming appeal once again. Now the gonner is confident that the minimum goal – namely the class preservation – will be realized in the spring. However, he warns: "we have to fight, think from game to game and must not underestimate the situation. It will be difficult."Eleven of the 13 points won save the sylvians over the winter and take them with them into the new table. But this starting position is not a place to rest, which is why the ebersdorf team will leave nothing to chance, according to finzel: "we want to sign at least four new players this winter. We needed a striker, a central defender and an addition at the goalkeeper position."

"Monche" snatch two players away

The SCE-makers already have some candidates on the hook, but finzel does not want to name names yet. Two of the players they wanted to sign didn’t work out, because both lukas kohn from the bavarian league team djk don bosco bamberg and dominik lauerbach, ex-frohnlacher and up to now co-coach of the district league team spvg eicha, have given the ebersdorf team the thumbs down. "Since the monchrodener have made us a stroke through the calculation, because with these two players we had also good language", says finzel somewhat disappointed.

The need for personnel action in the player squad is understandable, because at least three kickers are available in the future only partially or not at all: middle striker tim knoch, who was out anyway because of a cruciate ligament rupture at the beginning of the season, changes for family reasons to TSV oberlauter. "He becomes father of twins, then has five children. You have to understand when you don’t have enough time to make it in the national league", according to finzel.

At least three players gone

According to finzel, central defender omar rahmani also wants to end his career for health reasons. In addition, bastian poche (formerly of vfl frohnlach) will join the team of spvg eicha as a coach after the winter break and will also no longer play for ebersdorf.

Whether playmaker tobias dalke and energiebundel tayfun peker will still be wearing the sylvia jersey next year, or whether they will do so again, has not yet been decided. Peker has devoted himself to martial arts (finzel: "but i haven’t given up hope with him yet"). Dalke had to contend with enormous injury problems in the preliminary round that just ended.

Kurth speaks of a "blue eye"

It is a fact that the team under trainer dieter kurth will prepare conscientiously for the second half of the season. The club director sums up what has happened so far as follows: "we got off lightly after this preliminary round and will now do everything we can to stay in the class." The former regional league coach and upper league player from the gdr wants to lay the foundation with a strenuous preparation, including a training camp in steinach, thuringia, lasting several days, as well as numerous test matches (against FC lichtenfels and TSV monchroden, among others). Because one thing is clear not only for him, but also for finzel: "some of our players were not fit, here we have to work even better. The games against the clubs from the other group will be decided primarily by the fight and the will", so the estimation of the sponsor.

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