City of bamberg wants to take a step forward in daycare construction

For the first time, the city of bamberg could build its own kindergarten. The site for such a pioneering facility has already been chosen: it will be the ochsenanger in gaustadt.

Up to now, kindergartens in bamberg have only been run by independent providers on the basis of the subsidiarity principle. The reason for the departure from the previous practice: if the city or stadtbau gmbh were themselves the developers, the new places promised in the kindergarten offensive could be realized more quickly than is possible with a large number of contributors.

The impetus for this idea comes from the bamberg CSU faction. In a motion, helmut muller calls for the construction and furnishing of municipal kindergartens in bamberg to be reviewed by stadtbau and a city-owned foundation..

The city council will discuss the construction of a kindergarten and the reorganization of the "new ochsenanger in gaustadt" for the first time on wednesday go. According to the CSU’s wishes, the nato settlement in bamberg also plays a role in this context. Contrary to the decision made in february, a care facility should now be created in the area of the nato settlement, the CSU demands. This had already demanded 30 parents and the GAL-fraction in february in the city hall, but the city council majority had decided differently then.

But what does bamberg’s mayor andreas starke (SPD) say about this proposal – and what does the SPD caucus think about it?? You can find out more here in the premium section of our site

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