Car destroys field cross near grobwenkheim and crashes into a tree

The woman was on the road from grobwenkheim to grobbardorf. In a left-hand bend shortly after 7 o’clock at a forest stump she came with her car on the left oncoming lane, skidded over a water culvert, destroyed a wooden bench and the adjacent field cross. The car finally crashed after about 200 meters against a tree where it came to a stop.

Pedestal prints windshield

The more than 100-year-old field cross was completely destroyed, the concrete parts hurled up to 15 meters into the woods. A coarse pedestal landed on the vehicle, dented the front windshield. Lucky for the driver: the coarse stone slab got stuck in the window so that it did not enter the passenger compartment. The driver was injured in the accident, first treated on the spot by the rescue assistants of the bavarian red cross mabbach and taken to the rhon district hospital bad neustadt. The fire departments from grob- and kleinbardorf were on duty at the scene of the accident.

Cause of accident unclear

Officers of the police station bad konigshofen recorded the course of the accident. It is not yet clear to what extent heavy fog or the low, rising sun contributed to the accident. The damage is estimated at around 15.000 euro estimated

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