Bubgeld in traffic will increase

Bubgeld in traffic will increase

Speeders and other traffic offenders must be prepared for significantly higher fines in some cases. The federal cabinet formally took note of the resolution passed by the bundesrat in february.

This finally clears the way for a whole new set of traffic regulations. The aim of the amendment by transport minister andreas scheuer (CSU) was, among other things, to make it safer and more comfortable for cyclists to get through the city. It is not yet clear when the changes will come into effect – "in the near future", as a spokesman said on monday.

Even minor speeding violations can result in a one-month driving ban – 21 kilometers per hour more than permitted in built-up areas. Parking on sidewalks and bike paths can cost up to 100 euros, depending on the severity of the case. Stopping on so-called protective lanes for cyclists will be prohibited. Just like parking or stopping in second rows and on sidewalks and bike paths, it can even be punished with a point in the driver fitness register if others are hindered or endangered or if you park for more than an hour. Most people say "point in flensburg" to it.

Those who park without authorization in a parking space for the severely disabled will have to pay 55 euros instead of 35 euros, and parking in narrow or unclear spaces will cost 35 euros instead of 15 euros.

A general stop and parking offence will in future be punished with up to 25 euros instead of up to 15 euros. It will be much more expensive to ride on sidewalks, left-hand bike lanes and hard shoulders, and the fine will rise from 25 to up to 100 euro. Those who drive back and forth in built-up areas and cause a nuisance to others can be fined 100 euros instead of the previous 20.

Criticism came from the ADAC motorists’ club: "the sanctions for speeding offences have been made much stricter. Fines will be much higher and driving bans will be imposed earlier," said ADAC traffic president gerhard hillebrand. The distinction between minor, normal and major injuries is partially abandoned. "We think this is wrong. It should be possible to distinguish between carelessness and gross negligence," he said.

Many of the increases in parking fines were not initially included in scheuer’s plans, but were added by the bundesrat. The federal government then only had the choice of dropping the entire amendment or accepting the changes.

Scheuer had planned to introduce tougher penalties for using an emergency lane without permission. Several times, traps had caused uproar, in which drivers tried to avoid a traffic jam in this way. In the future, this can be prosecuted and punished in the same way as not forming a rescue lane for the emergency services. There is a threat of fines of up to 320 euros as well as a one-month driving ban and two points in the driver’s suitability register.

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